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New awesome tactics for Dresden

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825. That is the blog post number actually. Its news are very important because I changed Dresden tactic set that had been used since the very first season. Look what I have prepared for season 7.

Tactics 1. Best of the old

I selected Half-Back tactics as the best of all old ones. Results became a leading factor to make this kind of selection.

If you want to know more or recall some details, just read about Half-Back based tactics in this this blog update:

Rigid tactics: 2 backup variants I use

Tactics 2. Christmas tree

Now the most tasty part of today’s article. The first of two brand new tactical schemes created by me for Dynamo Dresden.

Chirstmas tree in FM 2014GeI

As you see it’s not a classic Christmas Tree. The formation contains some unusual ideas which I expect to see working fine:

  • Oppose narrow diamond 4-1-2-1-2. It was the main idea behind this tactics. Two DMCs add much efforts to neutralize opponent’s AMC who is often very skilful footballer. At the same time they make a foundation for reliable start of attacking moves.
  • Defensive transformation. While defending without ball, half-backs join centre backs making something similar to defensive line of Germany at World Cup 2014 (they played without real flank defenders using Howedes and Boateng instead).
  • Shadow striker. Second striker will join Complete Forward from deep. I have Brazilian Robert in the squad who suits very well to this role.
  • Rigidity. It’s till Rigid, not Very Rigid though. Such fluidity + Stick To Positions instruction should help to have a good discipline opposing 4-1-2-1-2.
  • Flanks. Still used for attacks much but not overloaded with players. Thusly WBL and WBR become more attack-styled players taking whole flanks at disposal. Luckily, they have 2 DCs and 2 DMCs behind their backs to prevent counter-attacks.

I am sharing the tactics file for you for evaluation. Though everyone can use it anyhow in own Football Manager stories.

Download Christmas Tree tactics (FM 2014)

Tactics 3. 3-5-2 Control


Absolutely different way to play football is enclosed in the tactic. Well I decided to create something very different but reliable enough to oppose any opponent.

Tactical features:

  • Ball possession. The largest difference between 3-5-2 Control and two other Dresden tactics. The latter two are aimed at more direct passing style. As you see from team instructions and powerful midfield in formation, I want to have more stable ball possession to deliver ball to forwards.
  • Pair of forwards. Wingers have instructions to cross aiming Target Man. Long balls come to Target Man from goalie. Target man should win headers passing ball to Advanced Forward (potentially the best goal scorer in the team)
  • Regista. I can’t wait to see Regista in action again. In my first tactical experiments with Dresden tactics I used Fiel as Regista and it was pretty efficient. This time I hope to adapt Yannick Stark in this role. He should be able to make smart passes.

Download 3-5-2 Control tactic (FM 2014)

Friendlies played with new tactics


Dynamo Dresden played quite confident football and I liked what I saw actually. In particular, the wins over Kaiserslautern, Dortmund, Gladbach left strong positive impressions. I do expect much better performance this season and hope my team is able to make some surprises.

In the next blog post I will share the latest transfer news in Dynamo Dresden. I should confess that was the largest squad revolution in Dresden since the very story beginning. Just wait till the next Tuesday :)

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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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