Friday, 29 August 2014

Four matches can pivot FM story

Hello dear readers,

Another Dresden story update today. Though this time it’s very unusual one, I would say unique. Remember I was intending to win all 3 next matches in the last article? Well here are the results. Stunning results. My Dresden manage to get beaten in all games including friendly match with Krasnodar. As a result I got 100% depressed…

Bad Dresden results


Latest matches

The most interesting it’s not problem of tactic choice. Difficult to explain what happened because previous matches and wins settled in some confidence. I thought the team is really on the right way to blend into squad as a whole organism. But this feeling + Teamwork match training were completely broken by the latest results.

Dresden – Hoffenheim 2:3. Comeback I didn’t expect

They scored every dangerous moment they had. At the same time Dynamo Dresden showed wastefulness and unreliability in defence.

Both Dresden centre backs Sule and Borges got 6.2 ratings.

HoffenheimMatch stats

1860 Munchen – Dresden 1:0. Inability to score

So many shots and no goals at all. 1860 Munchen was actually one of the easiest opponents despite their dangerous counter-attacks. But it’s now difficult to understand how my team managed to loose that game.

1860Dresden - mu

Dresden – Leverkusen 0:4. Knockout from former Dresden players

William, Marko Pavlovski and Jonas Hoffman were extremely quick and efficient. My defence wasn’t able to handle anyone of them. These 3 guys + fast Julian Brandt merely cut Dresden defence like knife through butter.

As a result I was shocked by the horrible loss. Even during the last (most unsuccessful) season Dynamo Dresden won at home against Leverkusen… And now… Well it seems my transfer policy was wrong. I shouldn’t sell William, try to loan/buy Hoffmann and fight for Pavlovski

Leverkusen playersLeverkusen stats

What a weird funny moment!

Pay special attention at the 3rd goal. Man in blue walking over the pitch! WHO IS THAT?????? :)



Take a look at the table. Top-3 is my season target. Do you think I have any chance to achieve it? Right answer is NO. Add to this total frustration by the latest results and mind-blowing 0:4 by former Dresden players.

Football Manager is the most realistic football simulator. I should support that and act realistically. It’s to confess a failure in Dresden story and resign from head coach position.

Dresden boss resigns

What’s next

My first idea was to arrange some poll where you could advise me either I should continue the story looking for another club or start a new one which would obviously wouldn’t last more than 2 seasons due to November release of new FM.

After some meditations I decided it would be logical to continue existing save. It’s gone too far and it will be interesting to follow how my football world develops. Surely, I would like to see how AI manager will manage Dynamo Dresden onwards.

Maybe some of you would reassure me in a brand new story start but I think it’s just matter of taste.

So I am starting club search. Stay tuned!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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