Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Skidding at the start

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Blog post #815. Season 6 of my Dresden story began with some kind of towing. It’s caused by blending into squad of newcomers and sale of Marko Pavlovski. It seems we are not ready to play stably without Marko just right now.

So as the result, my team unexpectedly lost 4 points making draws with Nurnberg and Dusseldorf

Dynamo Dresden performance

I don’t see efficient team in attacking moves anymore. Very episodically Dynamo Dresden reminds me how they played during the last season. Though there was one brilliant game when we confidently beat Leverkusen at home. By the way, Marko Pavlovski played as AMC in Leverkusen starting line-up :)


Here are match statistics for all Dresden players in that game:

Dresden stats[5]

Bundesliga after 4 fixtures


Champions league debut ahead

Dresden group

Well, well, well… It seems it will be incredibly complicated group for me if I want to qualify into the knockout round. Chelsea and PSG look very mighty. For your information Chelsea managed to win Champions League twice since Dresden story start…

First experience with Belgium

I began playing first matches managing Belgian national team. The first international experience is not very successful, it’s a shame.

Friendly match against Macedonia turned into an easy walk. Interesting fact that all three goals were scored by those players who were out of the main squad under management of their previous head coach. Moreover, Senna Malik (WBL) and Didier Moens (DC) made their debuts in this game.


Belgium – Lithuania 2:2

That was the first official match. And here you can take a look at the squad I selected:

Belgian squad

Unluckily, Malanda and De Bock got injured and made Belgium defensive line even more weaker. However, it wasn’t important because I had expected to see Lithuania dig into the defensive positions. I almost guessed that with exception of two conceded goals in the first half. One of them is just a stupid mistake by, as they say, best goalkeeper in the world Courtois.

So Belgium was loosing with 0:2 scored and managed only to equalize in the end…
Well take a look at the match stats. Pretty unlucky start for me.

Belgium - Lithuania

Question about tactic familiarity

Here are my current levels of familiarity for Belgium.

Belgium tactic familiarity

Comparing with club experience, there is no team training section where one should opt the match training focus as Tactics Only and then play matches improving tactic familiarity levels. What about international experience?

As far as I understand, I can only play matches to see that effect. Is there any additional method I don’t know?

Future matches

So I am towing with Belgium as well with Dynamo Dresden. But hopefully next matches should be more efficient in context of results.

Dynamo Dresden

Got completely unlucky draw in German Cup and must play two away matches in a row against Bayern 
Munich followed by encounter with PSG

Dresden future matches


Belgium future matches

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