Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quite vast winter transfer campaign

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Today I would like to offer you to see how I decided to deal with Dresden crisis in Bundesliga. As you remember my club suddenly found itself in the relegation zone after the fist half of the 6th season. So this is the blog post #820. It’s all about transfers.

Players out

Sold players

The first sale striking everybody’s eyes is William. He followed Mark Pavlovski joining Leverkusen for record $30M. I didn’t find any position where the wonderkid can perform well in my tactical schemes. So I think it was an excellent bargain for club budget.

Spendlhofer, Escudero, Celozzi, Hoffmann, De la Vega demanded to become transfer-listed because of bad results in the national league, and I didn’t reject. Two latter of them were considered the most valuable players and that’s why I just loaned them out hoping on brighter future after their return.

Players in

Despite huge transfer money received for William I decided to be careful on transfer market signing good players mainly for free. Here’s the list:

Players In

1. Jonas Hofmann (AMR, AML) – Loaned for free

Jonas Hofmann in FM 2014

A direct replacement for William on the right flank. I hope Jonas can deliver high level of football helping Dynamo Dresden to get back into the middle of the table.

2. Robert (SC) – Free


Robert is the third forward for Dynamo Dresden who can actually became the first one. He is not so cool in air like Perica or Djuric but his technical and mental abilities promise better performance in Complete Forward role. Personally I expect he should become a good assistant for inside forwards.

3. Blaise Matuidi (DMC, MC) – Loaned for $51K p/m


Experience, experience, experience. My main idea during this January was about signing experienced players good enough to blend into squad quickly. Blaise can cover both MC and DMC positions.

4. Faouzi Ghoulam (WBL, AML) – $4.7M


First Dresden player who is able to make long throws. I think it’s always good to use. Moreover, Ghoulam looks like potentially the most consistent of all Dresden flank defenders. His physics is lovely.

5. Remy Cabella (AML, MC, AMR) – Free


Remy Cabella is my attempt to create some competition at AML position. Vladislav Kalitvitsev was one of the best Dresden players during last months but as you know he’s injury prone and cannot cover the position completely. So Cabella is my hope to become more strong on the left flank of attack.

Hope to see some good crosses from him.

6. Mathieu Valbuena (AMR, AML) – Free


Another experienced French guy in Dresden. He is more for backing up other flank players.

7. Roland Juhasz (DC, SC) – Free


Slow but decent backup for Dresden central defenders.

8. Alexandre Ndecky (GK) – Free


Another backup goalie.

Team report



Balance grew to $60M with $21M of transfer budget. Payroll budget is also fine with almost $200K below line. It’s better to be careful with all this stuff because I am facing risks to get sacked…



I can’t say I am very happy with this transfer campaign. However, new flank players seem to strengthen Dresden attacking force and help to score more goals. Though there’s always a risk of squad blending. I hope experienced newcomers will overcome it quite soon.

And what do you think about my attempts to improve situation?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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