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Paradoxically. At first in my FM experience!

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Blog post #818 today and it contains huge amount of news. Briefly:

  • Absolutely different results of Dynamo Dresden in Bundesliga and Champions League
  • Latest Belgium matches
  • My World Cup final and 3rd place match thoughts
  • Some humour about 1:7 goals in that historical match

So let’s begin with Dynamo Dresden.

Dresden paradox

As it’s written in the title, I am facing this at first throughout all previous FM careers. At least I can’t remember something like that at all:

Dynamo Dresden leads tough Champions League group with 3 wins in 3 matches meanwhile being located near relegation zone in the Bundesliga after the first 9 fixtures!


Something happened with my attack after Pavlovski sale. Neither William nor Taboure could  replace him and Dynamo Dresden has no such players who can efficiently make assists.

So as a result you see this strange row of match scores:


The defeats to Stuttgart and FC Bayern were quite predictable. But all other Bundesliga matches turned into disappointing points losses…

Dynamo Dresden in Champions League

5:2! Fantastic comeback against PSG!


Very different performance was shown in Champions League. Particularly, the match against PSG became an exciting encounter with marvellous comeback. Nobody could predict this result. My boys conceded twice but then managed to make Salvatore Sirigu to take the ball out of the net 5 times in a row!

Stipe Perica was certainly the man of the match with 1 goals and 3 assists.

Beating Chelsea and becoming Costa-Rica :)


It was match harder to beat Chelsea than PSG. Three times CL winners had a right to expect better result than 1:2 defeat. But, however, we played defensively very well and did not allow to create many clear cut chances.

So now I feel my Dynamo Dresden is like Costa Rica :)


In general, Dresden board is satisfied due to such an extraordinary performance in the Champions League.

Dynamo Dresden players


The paradoxical results with poor position in the national league reflect on average rating of squad. Though more logically to say average performance of my players caused that kind of results. I don’t know whom to blame because there are so many Dresden footballers performing below needed level.

Currently I feel Dynamo Dresden has too weak flanks without Marko Pavlovski. Quantity of assists and dangerous passes decreased quite much and I should do something about that, probably during winter transfer window.

Almost all newcomers signed in summer doesn’t correspond to my expectations at the moment. May be only centre back Paulo Borges proves I was right to spend so much money for him…

Milan Djuric – MVP

There are two light spots in a darkness: forwards Stipe Perica and Milan Djuric. They both started the season quite well scoring and making assists. I gave my MVP award to Milan Djuric who had been a little bit more consistent during the reported period.

DjuricDjuric stats

Matches to play soon

Matches to play soon

After three wins in the Champions League, I hope to qualify into the knockout round easily. Just one win over CSKA Moscow would guarantee me that.

As for Bundesliga… Well we have to get up from knees and begin win games one by one.

Belgium underperforming at the start


Belgium player don’t understand my tactical approach for a while and perform worse than Dynamo Dresden if we look at the quality of football. I think I should just wait and play some friendlies to improve tactic familiarity.

Despite somewhat sad table standing after draw with Lithuania and loss to Denmark, I am pretty sure Belgium won’t have problems to qualify to Euro 2020.

World Cup 2014 last matches

First and foremost, congratulations to Germany and all its fans for deserved and desired victory. I like Argentina and how, maybe slightly better than Germans, they played in the final but Germany should have won if we summarize all matches of the tournament.

I was surprised by 0:3 defeat by Brazil. It turned out they are soooo weak, even with Thiago Silva! Damn, the weakest Brazilian team ever! It’s now difficult to understand how they managed to pass Chile and Colombia having all those tears…

Last but not least I would like slightly disagree regarding the Golden Glove prize. As for me Neuer is a great goalie but Keylor Navas showed even more amazing performance during this World Cup helping to make absolute sensational way to quarter finals for Costa Rica.

1:7 with humour

In the end I’d like to invite you watching this video. Again and again we return to that historical win by Germany over Brazil.

Excited to blog for you,

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