Friday, 25 July 2014

In the slump

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #821, Dresden story. First of all I want to notify you my blog is going to be delayed for 10 days. The matter is that I took a vacation and am going to travel over Ukraine. Surely, the latest events in my country mean I should travel in a Western direction. So the route is: Bukovel (Carpathian mountians) – Truskavets (Ukrainian SPA resort) – Lviv (currently the best touristic city in Ukraine). Thusly next blog update will happen on August, 05.

I hope to complete the season 6 expecting some leisure time during today’s evening and weekend for that.

Now about Dynamo Dresden. Despite the transfers made during winter window, I am still facing problems with stable play in attack. Additionally, more problems in defence appeared. Too many goals were conceded for some reason.

Slumpy matches


Dresden results

It seemed we began to return on a road of success after two wins in a row over Dusseldorf and Nurnberg. But poor concentration during injury time hindered to win against Stuttgart and set of disappointing defeats followed then…


Take a look at the last result against Hertha. 0:1 loss with non-scored 4 clear cut chances for Dresden. That is typical Dynamo Dresden in this season. 3 of 4 matches have similar statistics underlining inefficient attack I have.

Match stats

It’s good to see the club below relegation zone but I expected to be higher after January transfers. But 27 scored goals in 27 games look like complete nonsense.


Champions League

Fairy tale is over. We were unable to resist superb attacking moves by Atletico.


Board confidence

Such failure in the season is justified by Champions League success, good salary management, squad harmony.

That’s why the club board is still satisfied with how I coach the team. Job status is just about ending contract anticipating your questions. Though the board may not sign a new one with me.

Job security

Dresden players


It’s difficult to discuss squad and player performance while experiencing so bad results. Only two stable starting eleven players have average rating >= 7. Well it’s a shame.

As for January newbies, they didn’t impress much. I can single out two of them. Loaned Jonas Hoffman added some keenness to Dresden style. He plays better football than sold William. Brazilian forward Robert who scored 4 goals is more mentally strong than Perica and Djuric. His ability to take free kicks is also helpful because nobody still has not managed to replace Marko Pavlovski in that.

What I am going to do next

Very simply. I just want to survive in the Bundesliga what seems an easy task and think about further changes. Luckily, I will have some time during vacation days for think it over thoroughly.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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