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Dynamo Dresden transfers, before season 6

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It’s the blog post #814 at True Football Manager blog. Thanks for joining me again. It’s all about transfers before season 6 and expectations.

Season expectations

Season expectations

That is what I claimed. Actually it was the most complicated option to choose and I am sure we can repeat success of getting into Top-3. May be with some portion of luck there will be a chance to struggle with FC Bayern for title. But it’s very unlikely this season in my opinion…

As for Champions League, my initial target is to get into quarter finals. That would be an excellent achievement for Dynamo Dresden debut.


Selling players. Loosing Pavlovski

Dresden leader of the last years decided to arrange a private chat with me.

Chat with Pavlovski

I decided not to hinder his ambitions. In addition to his wish to play for bigger club, Marko Pavlovski had a contract that would run out in one year. And I merely had no chances to sign a new one because Marko demanded the huge wage about $110K. That is why Pavlovski was sold to Leverkusen for record $24M.

With this sale, William will be moved to AMR position. Left winger position will be shared between Kalitvintsev and Escudero.

Now here all players who left Dynamo Dresden.

Players outP out 2P3[5]

The list is long due to many movements of youngsters. Your attention should be attracted by the following players:

  • Izunna Uzochukwu –> Dnipro. $2M. He was my major disappointment during the last season.
  • Vitaliy Vitsenets –> Kaiserslautern. $5.5M. Unplanned sale. But I got 2 new central midfielders that are better than Vitsenets…
  • Kasper Schmeichel –> Real Madrid. $675M. It’s better to become Real Madrid reserve goalie than sit on the substitution bench in Dresden :)
  • Herman Stengel, Toni Leistner left the club because there had already been unneeded.

Players In

Players in

As you understand I had a lot of money for transfers after Pavlovski sale. So it was at first in my Dresden career when I could allow myself to buy players with price value above > $10M.

1. Paulo Borges (DC) – $14.75M


First my intentions were to strengthen Dresden defensive line as we discussed in the squad analysis blog update.

Paulo Borges is a wonderkid centre back who cost me quite much. But I believe he deserves that. Look at his skills of central defender including Composure and Concentration. Awesome guy, doesn’t it?

2. Yannick Stark (MC, DMC) – $11.25M

Yannick Stark in FM 2014

It’s a rare case when I buy German players. Yannick Stark became that exception. He looks like a real strengthening for Dresden centre of the midfield, the one who is better footballer than Vitaliy Vitsenets. He looks like a man who can become one of the most important persons for Dynamo Dresden.

Stark’s player preferred moves:

  • Tries killer balls often
  • Dictates tempo
  • Runs with ball rarely

History of Stark

3. Stipe Perica (FC) – Free

Stipe Perica

Unique situation for me actually. Stipe Perica had been on loan in Dynamo Dresden for two season. Then his contract was running out and I managed to sign this talented towering forward for free.

It’s very good he doesn’t need any adaptation period and can show 100% performance from the very start.

4. Thiago Casasola (DC) – $4.5M

Thiago Casasola in FM 2014

One more South American arrived to Dresden. Thiago Casasola will become the most appropriate candidate to play DC in Cover Role due to his high Anticipation and Acceleration.

His great Teamwork level (same about Paulo Borges above) promise my defensive line should get working harmoniously, like one mechanism.

5. Miguel Erpen (MC) – Free


That’s my second reason why Vitaliy Vitsenets was sold to Leverkusen. Talented Miguel Erpen can be used in all my roles for MCs:

  • Central Midfielder
  • Ball-winning Midfielder
  • Box-to-box Midfielder

Erpen is brave and very determined MC. He has a large potential to get into Argentina squad in a couple of years.

Erpen abilities

6. Matias Ezequiel Schelotto (WBR, AMR) – $2.6M

Schelotto in FM2014

Here is my attempt to strengthen right wing back position. Experienced and determined Schellotto likes to run down right flank and cross balls. I like Matias possesses strong physical skills allowing him to move much along his flank.

Hope his experience will help Dynamo Dresden in the Champions League this season.

7. Erick (GK) – Loaned from Flamengo


Loaned aimed at substitution bench.

8. Matteo Lomolino (WBL) – Loaned from Inter

Lomolino in FM 2014

Backup left flank back to add some squad depth. Lomolino can be used in case of injuries of either Panjkret or Janda.

9. Tom Neukam (GK) – Free


Backup goalie.

Team report

Team reportTeam report 2

Dresden finances after transfers


I am happy Dresden wage budget is still quite low for Bundesliga. Not the lowest as in the last season. But currently our average wage is $25K, meanwhile the lowest is $21K by Dusseldorf. So that what I can easily be bragging about :)

Totals and questions

I think squad received serious strengthening during the summer transfer window. See all Dresden players here at the update squad pages:

And now I would like to ask you several questions. Please feel free to answer them in the comments below:

Do you agree that it was a good transfer campaign?

What current Dresden players do you like or dislike?

What problems can you predict my me with Dynamo Dresden in season 6?


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