Friday, 11 July 2014

Before the last two World Cup games

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This time I was hesitating regarding what to write about. Dresden story continues and has enough interesting events to be shared with you. But at the same we all have passed the semi-final line in Brazil and are thinking about upcoming final and 3rd place game. This time I decided to make accent into real world football with just one question for you from my FM 2014 story.

Kicking skill question

You know this I have talented Brazilian Fabio in Dynamo Dresden as a main goalie.


There is one distinct problem with Fabio: he is very poor in kicking out long balls.


I am worried about that because it’s a part of all my Dresden tactics. The actual working scheme is simple:

Dresden goalkeeper should make a long balls to towering striker who wins air lowering the ball to closest partners.

It was more or less working scheme with previous Dresden goalies (in particular, Kasper Schmeichel) but now Fabio frequently hits the ball right to DMC area where opponent players get it. Look at his detailed match stats as another confirmation of such poor passing:


Now - the question:

What skills does Fabio lack to make more accurate long passes if his Kicking is already 15?

World Cup 2014

OK, Germany – Argentina. Who is my favourite? Certainly it’s German team due to their attacking football style and nice team play. Additionally, I think Joachim Low deserved to win World Cup for so many years of successful work with team.

From the other hand, Argentina has Messi in a very good form who can make something of nothing. That’s why I do think chances are equal in the final.

The match between Brazil and Holland is something that can be even more intriguing than the final taking into consideration semi-finals background. I think Brazilians are favourites here. They cannot loose it and have to restore their honour a bit.

Two last till World Cup’s end. Now I can easily say it was the most prominent World Cup in my time!

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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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