Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Shifting transfer policy to South American youth

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True Football Manager story in Dresden continues, and this is blog update no. 805. Thanks for joining me again. I think you’ll be surprised by latest events happened with Dynamo Dresden. Actually it’s all about winter transfers.


The club board gave me an option to change season expectations and I decided to take more risks promising Europa League qualification. That’s a real challenge!

For that they gave me higher transfer and wage budgets. Immediately I sacrificed some part of transfer money to get additional $120K for salaries. I can say now that wage budget is already gone due to arrival of new players signed in January :-)


Winter transfers

I can merely begin telling about transfers with Dresden newcomers because nobody was sold. I tried to offload some guys without prospect of match practice like Klingmann, Boenish, and even Stengel… But other clubs hadn’t shown any kind of interest, unfortunately.

Another target failed during winter transfer window is a signing of strong central defender who would help to make our defence more reliable and stable. As such this issue was moved to summer transfer window because I didn’t met any real candidates this time.

Instead the following positions were strengthened:

  • GK
  • MC

All newbies arrived from South America, more exactly - Brazil and Argentina.

Fabio (GK) - Free


Superb young goalkeeper from Brazil! First half of season Fabio will have 50/50 match practice together with Schmeichel. That means each of players will play every second match. Afterwards I will probably sell Kasper Schmeichel and begin the next season with Fabio. This is the plan.

What I like about the Brazilian is his high mental abilities for 20 year-old man. According to scout report, Fabio has all chances to grow into a world-class goalie.


Emanuel De la Vega (MC) – $1.7M


Another 20 years old newcomer for Dynamo Dresden from South America. This time it’s Argentina.

De la Vega possesses interesting set of attribute values. I would say he somewhat resembles young Frank Lampard…


William (ST/AML/AMR) - Free


My attacked received a serious strengthening with William’s arrival into club. I am going to give out left flank to this guy retraining him to AML position because current his natural position is STC. As you know I use towering forwards only in all Dresden tactics, so William was signed intentionally as inside forward. Thusly, he will need more time for adaption than the other South Americans.

Huge prospect! Can’t wait to see him gelled into the squad!


To tell you the secret, I am going to sing more young South Americans in summer. I deem it should be a key to success with Dynamo Dresden in the closest seasons.

We will see how Fabio, De la Vega and William will perform in the upcoming matches soon:

Matches to play

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