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Dynamo Dresden – club #2 in Germany!

Hello dear readers,

Blog post #810. Today I would like to report about two last season 5 matches. As you understand from the post title, my Dresden exceeded any expectations that could be made by me or you thought the season.

Last matches



Surely, my team didn’t play better than German champions and we were quite lucky to win at Allianz-Arena. Anyway it helped to guarantee Champions League place and the second position in the table due to failures of Dortmund and Schalke in their matches. Therefore I could easily allow myself to experiment in the last fixture versus Dortmund. Thusly 0:3 home defeat didn’t influence my mood anyhow.

So the final table standing makes me very joyful indeed.


I think it’s one of my largest achievements among all Football Manager stories because:

  • Dresden squad is just not higher than 10th by strength
  • My players still have the lowest salaries in the league!

I should thank my tactical scheme set. It’s so great that I will probably use it in Football Manager 2015.

Lowest salaries

Lowest salaries

Club budget

Club budget was filled with more than $50M which is exciting for club that spent three first seasons in the 2nd German League!

Money for Dresden

Dresden players. Best and worst

Players of DresdenDresden players 2

Being so high in the Bundesliga and reaching knockout round doesn’t actually mean I am happy with the squad. There are many shortcomings which look obvious to me:

  • Weakness of defense, lack of players there.
  • Lack of maturity among wing backs
  • My central forward should have an instinct of killer and score more.

Now I would like to single out the best and worst players of Dynamo Dresden.

Most promising U21 player

1. Nouhourn Taboure. 8 goals, 3 assists and superspeed.

2. Fabio. Wonderkid goalkeeper from Brazil.

3. Emanuel De la Vega. Yaya Toure-type midfielder. 
Surprise of the year

1. Even Hovland. His domination in defence despite better by attributes centre backs signed during the last summer (Spendlhofer, Hoffmann)

2. Vitaliy Vitsenets. Much better than in the previous season, scored important goals.

3. Cece Pepe. Retrained to WBR position, he made a valuable impact in several key matches including the goal against FC Bayern (see above).
Best newcomer

1. Vladislav Kalitvitsev.
Smart key passes and moves. Injury-prone guy unfortunately.

2. Fabio.

3. Emanuel De la Vega.
Worst newcomer

1. Izunna Uzochukwu. Recordsman in mistakes, most unreliable Dresden player.

2. Jaroslav Janda. Left wing back is too young to show good football in the Bundesliga.

3. William. Huge prospect indeed. But currently I can say he didn’t manage to blend into the squad and needs more time.
Most valued player

1. Marko Pavlovski. 13 goals, 10 assists. Marko costs $12M now!

2. Even Hovland.

3. Milan Djuric. Unexpectedly Milan managed to overcome loaned Stipe Perica and Niccolo Sassarini in goals and total level of stability.
Total disappointment

1. Izunna Uzochukwu.

2. Lucas Scholl. Well, I expected more from him.

3. Jaroslav Janda.

How do you like that?

The next blog update will be dedicated to in-depth Dresden squad review. It’s very important to do before summer transfer window because Champions League debut is ahead in season 6.

May be you have ideas about Dresden players whom I should get rid of.

Please write in the comments below.

Excited to blog for you,

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