Friday, 30 May 2014

Substitute goalkeepers: to use or not to use?


Hi everybody,

I have a quick question today: Do you use substitute goalkeeper?

Obviously he’s quite rarely needed, just in case of your main keeper gets injured. But if that happens and you have no backup goalie, you take much higher risk to loose a whole match. Dilemma…

I decided: let’s arrange a poll and see how many people tend to use second goalie at substitution bench. Please vote using the right side widget to share your opinion.

My thoughts

I have always been using second goalkeeper to have, well, feeling of reliability. In very rare cases that worked out and 2nd goalie was coming out from substitution bench to replaced his injured partner. Though this event has a very low likelihood.

As for red cards, goalkeepers in FM 2014 doesn’t receive them at all which is certainly unrealistic. I bet this was made consciously to escape young FM players moaning about “unfair red card that broke everything”.

Currently I suspect it’s time to change strategy. One additional place at substitution bench for a defender/midfielder/forward should enhance tactical diversity with more options for substitutes. Going to try that during upcoming matches!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Author: Vitaliy

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