Friday, 2 May 2014

Humour from Football Manager 2014

Hello dear readers,

My blog article no.799 was written just to have some fun together with you. It’s all about funny things in FM 2014. So I hope you’ll really enjoy it :)

Weirdest goal in my Dresden story

It was a friendly match against Lokomotiv Leipzig. Their goalkeeper arranged one of the most stupid own goals I’ve ever seen :)

I think I should begin collecting such kind of weird and funny videos from my game and share later on. Currently I would like to laugh together with you over screenshots made by other FM fans.


Best screenshots from SIGames forums

I’ve taken just several latest most funny screenshots.

Nice draw

Nice draw

“Elder scrolls character”

Elder Scrolls character



Some U18 teams love penalties

Penalty love

Germany transfer listed

Germany transfer listed

Daniel Sturridge


Best screenshots from The Dugout

Penalty show

Funny Penalties - FM 2014

Let’s play hockey

Poor Defending in FM 2014

Unlucky Petkovic

Sacked from Lazio in FM 2014

So tight at the top

Tight at the top


Let’s laugh together :)

If you have any funny screenshots or videos, please add them in the comments below.


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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