Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Crisis is over. FC Bayern is beaten!

Hello dear readers,

It’s nice to see you at True Football Manager blog once again. Blog update no.803 for you today. And I am going to begin with historical win over Bayern Munich. Previous three encounters with them turned into miserable 0:3, 0:4, 0:5 defeats for Dynamo Dresden.

Here are some factors that were crucial for this victory:

  • High morale level after qualification into Europa League knockout round
  • Excellently working opposition instructions:
    • Hard tackling against inside forwards Gotze and Reus. Making them to hug lines.
    • Closing tackling and hard tackling against all Bayern defenders.
    • Making wing back make less passes to Gotze and Reus.

It’s also interesting that Perica, Pavlovski and Escudero were on substitution bench after fatigue in the Europa League game versus Roda. So we managed to achieve the first victory over the best German club using trio: Niccolo Sassarini (ST), Vladyslav Kalitvintsev (AML), Nohourn Taboure (AMR).


BayernMatch stats vs BayernPlayers in match against Bayern

Other BL matches

Matches we playedd

Prior to the first win over the grand club from Munich we managed to recover from crisis without serious efforts. The first step was a friendly match won with large 5:0 score. The second one was confident performance against Nurnberg which completed with so rare for me zero quantity of conceded goals.


It was simply great to outperform strong Frankfurt at their venue with 2:0 score. As you see my boys were almost perfect in clear cut creation but Frankfurt goalie Kevin Trapp decided to turn into miracle maker that evening. However, I had Stipe Perica ahead who didn’t agree with that and scored twice. Important victory!

So finally you can see Dynamo Dresen located at the 3rd table line. And it’s when my squad is lowest paid in the whole Bundesliga! Isn’t that an achievement?

Team Comparison

BL table

Europa League adventures of Dynamo Dresden

Dresden in ELEL group

The result is achieved but what nerves it cost! Dresden was at the 2nd position with 7 points before the last match against Roda. Meanwhile Roda had 6 points.

The match began very well with a quick goal. But then all of sudden two errors from my young players Scholl and Panjkret set as it seemed controlled game flow under threat. I had to change tactics onto “Too many attackers” scheme allowing Milan Djuric to join Stipe Perica ahead. Numerous clear cut chances ended with so desired goal on the 88th minute. That was a war of nerves that resembled me the ending of Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid final actually…

Rescue late

So Dresden goes to the next round where mighty Italian Inter will become an opponent.

Dresden players

After morale and form recovery it’s difficult to blame somebody in bad performance. Basing on my feelings of the last matches, I can say young players tend to be unstable sometimes making stupid errors like it happened with Panjkret who brought penalty kick in key game with Roda. But that’s OK. They all have time to grow and huge amount of experience to receive soon.

It’s also nice to see summer newcomers playing better and better. Their blending into squad comes to an end. So very soon you will see a real struggle for Champions League positions in Bundesliga by Dynamo Dresden.

Best player of the reported period – Damian Escudero

Damian Escudero

His input was really crucial during last matches. Damian scored the first goal in Roda match, made assists against Frankfurt and Nurnberg. Hope to see such stable and effective performance from him onwards.

Future plans and matches

Matches to play

As normally there will be a set of friendly matches during winter break. Then I hope to gain at least 12 points in 5 games in Germany. And then – encounter with Inter. I think I should be very attentive during Inter squad and tactics analysis, as never. This is my only recipe to overcome Italian grand club.

Additionally, I can make some slight squad changes during winter transfer window. As we already discussed, Dresden defence needs some centre back who would be more efficient in air than current our defenders. Maybe I will be able to buy someone…

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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