Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Blog post 800

Hello dear friends,

Great road is behind my back. 800 posts of different stories since 2007 – it’s just so impressing to realize it now! However, I am not going to arrange large celebrations here because Dresden story moves on and it’s time to share its latest news.

Here are all matches played during the last week of my life:

Played matches

Dynamo Dresden in Germany and Europe

As you see from the results above, it’s quite difficult for my team to perform successfully in the both tournaments at the moment. Additionally, we didn’t manage to overcome Dortmund in German Cup…

I feel too much pressure put at the squad while quite many Dresden newcomers are still on the way of adaptation. Nevertheless, you can see my team at the 4th line in the table which is of course inspiring.

BL table

Wolfsburg – Dresden 0:1

I decided to single out this game because it was tough and very interesting. Wolfsburg had a certain advantage throughout all 90 minutes but marvellous performance of Dresden goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel hindered them to score. My goalie became the man of the match!



European ambitions are under threat


One win and two losses put my ambitions to qualify into semi finals (I still think it’s possible) under many doubts. Equal matches against Roda and Newcastle where we opposed very well didn’t give a single point. This is happened due to lack of concentration in defence. In particular, the game against Newcastle had very disappointing finish when Demba Ba scored twice during the last 10 minutes. We didn’t deserve that, look at the stats below…

Dresden - Newcastle


Dresden players

Dresden playersDresden players 2

Everybody in Dynamo Dresden got depressed after encounter with Newcastle. This effect you can see in a quite poor morale level of all players. But I hope I will manage this.

As for players, all three strikers Djuric, Perica, Sassarini can be praised for their high quantities of scored goals. I think their influence on the club’s position in the Bundesliga is truly crucial. I also like how right wingers perform: our captain Marko Pavlovski and his very young substitution Nouhourn Taboure. By the way, the last one was very wanted by German clubs during summer transfer window.

Schalke was offering $8.5M for Taboure!

My disappointments at the moment:

  • Izunna Uzochukwu. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. 6.71 rating after 10 played matches. It seems he has real problems with blending into squad.
  • Lucas Spendlhofer. The same can be said about nominally the best centre back of Dynamo Dresden.

These two guys should improve their performances. It should result in higher stability of results and more robust play in defence.

Next matches to play


First of all I am worried about last three games in Europa League group. Voyage to Newcastle doesn’t promise a lot of positives as you understand. However, it’s logically to plan to win two further matches and overtake Roda in the table.

These 9 matches… 6 of them will be played at away venues which will for sure turn into a real test for Dynamo Dresden.

My target is to finish this period with no more than 2 defeats.

We’ll see how Dynamo Dresden cope with this task.

That’s all for now. True Football Manager blog post no.800 is over :)

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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