Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sobering down

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Right now, Dynamo Dresden story at True Football Manager site. Blog publication #792.

I would like to report about the last 6 official matches quickly today. Here’s what I have in the end of March:

Played matches


Some words about the results

I was sobered down with ambitions to qualify into Europe so easy. At least if we talk about taking the 6th position in the league because there’s a chance in German Cup yet.

After two very confident wins over Kaiserslautern and Frankfurt, Dynamo Dresden got into an unfortunate set of matches started with stolen 2 points by Hoffenheim (they scored on the 90th minute). Then I hoped to get at least one point against Stuttgart and withstand FC Bayern somehow but failed in both matches.

Ye, there was also 1:4 game with Nurnberg but I would consider the defeat as an accident due to my risky attacking tactics in the second half when Dresden had nothing to loose. So it was quite logical to concede more than two.

BL table

Despite numerous losses, Dynamo Dresden can still finish at the 7th line in the table. So it’s my target now.

But the main target is passing the German Cup final of course. So another home encounter with Stuttgart can be singled out from this list:

Future matches

Returning to the league match versus Stuttgart, it showed my team has some potential. Though the notable rival had a certain advantage in the game, in particular if you take a look at clear cut chances.

Stuttgart stats

Dresden players

Dresden 1Dresden 2

There is a couple of players who worry me. First of all, Vitaliy Vitsenets. He was one of the best in Dresden last season and now he’s one of the worst. Why? It’s a fair question. In my opinion Vitsenets lacks power, strength to dominate in the midfield against Bundesliga MCs. How do you think?

Another disappointment is Brian Behrendt. He’s always below average. Always. Like McDonalds with their pretty low but stable quality of food, you know. 6.7 rating of Behrendt make me thinking to sell him in summer.

Stipe Perica – MVP of the reported period


Loaned Stipe Perica scored 4 goals in 3 matches (Kaiserslautern, Nurnberg, Frankfurt) and deserved to receive MVP award from me. At the same time my main forward Milan Djuric had bad days without goals at all. It made me thinking about increased competition between both forwards. It seems like I should prefer Perica in the upcoming matches…

That’s all for now dear readers, stay tuned.

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Vitaliy Mokosiy

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