Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Resolution of issue regarding Kirsten

Hello dear readers,

As you remember, last time I was asking you about destiny of Kirsten in Dresden. He’s sold now. I should confess you helped me to make this step more confidently.

Currently January is over and I can share a full picture of Dresden transfers in winter. Here are those players who left the team:

Sold players

You can see I managed to gain $700K for Kirsten whose contract is ending in summer. 4-5 days of delay and I would not get a single penny for him. So it was a transfer success in my mind.

Additionally, I decided to free up some wage budget and fulfil transfer budget selling Ferhan Hasani. His performances in the Bundesliga were totally unsure and I began to understand I can play without him. Got $2.8M – not bad, ye?

AML position will be given out to Marvin Stefaniak with versatile Daniel Pudil as a replacement.


Kasper Schmeichel replaces Kirsten

The only Dresden newcomer this winter!

Kasper Schmeichel in Football Manager 2014

The son of famous Peter Schmeichel is also quite known around Europe. Though he hasn’t become a world class keeper yet being 30 years old already. I hope his career in Dresden will go to a peak.


  • Schmeichel was signed for free!
  • Sweeper Keeper I need. Speedy with good Rushing Out (16) skill.
  • Lovely Kicking (17)
  • Very Determined (19) and experienced goalie
  • Plays both feet what is rare ability among goalkeepers.


  • Pretty average Handling (12)
  • Average Composure (11) and Concentration (10)

So how do you like this guy?

He looks perceptibly better than Benjamin Kirsten, doesn’t he?

Brave change of season expectations


That was an opportunity to enlarge payroll budget and try signing some valuable players on the Bosman rule. Two very good footballers signed contract with Dynamo Dresden. But you will get to know with them in the summer transfer window blog :)

Dynamo Dresden is on the right way to glory, I am sure!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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