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Dresden story. Season 5 beginning

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Dresden story continues, and this is blog post no.798 at all. Glad you joined me this time!

After vast transfer campaign described in the previous article, I felt Dresden squad strength is now enough to compete for Top-4 in the national league and certain success in Europa League. What I mean under “certain success” is reaching semi finals and may be even winning the tournament! Well, you can say I am a complete dreamer but starting season 5 matches did hint me that.

Played matches


Dresden matches

There were just two losses among all other won games. So I would like to rest your gaze at these two matches showing that actually Dynamo Dresden had all chances to win in both of them.

Dynamo Dresden – Leverkusen 1:2

Dresden Leverkusen

Agile Bernd Leno and great portion of luck helped German champions Leverkusen to win in Dresden. Logically, the match should complete with my victory. Dynamo Dresden had 7 half chances and 13 corners but didn’t seize on them. Just look at the stats. Leverkusen’s advantage can be just seen in Heading and Crossing.

But here is interesting conclusion: my team can really compete with grand clubs due to tactical advantage and despite weaker squad.

Match stats

HSV – Dynamo Dresden 3:2


My second defeat happened during the last 10 minutes in Hamburg. We didn’t manage to concentrate on defensive play. Exceptionally quick HSV attackers punished my team for complacency. That was a game of nerves without happy end. Lack of concentration by my defenders should be counted in this case.

Bundesliga table standing

BL table

It seems FC Bayern will revenge Leverkusen this year and return Bundesliga title to Munchen. Very confident start.

My team continues to concede much but it’s too early to say something. Let’s wait till winter and then take a look at the column of conceded goals once more.

Dresden players

Dresden playersDresden players 2

Here you can see how new Dresden players began their careers here. Well again, it’s too early to say something. Most newcomers have adaptation problems reported by Dresden assistant manager during matches.

Upcoming matches

Our debut in Europa League turned into an easy walk. FH and Shakhter Karagandy are not those opponents that could cause problems. Dresden got into a decent group where Newcastle are favourites at the moment. I think reaching the 2nd group place is must.

Group B

I wasn’t so lucky in German Cup. Next round opponent is mighty Dortmund, but I think we still have chances to win. Dresden progress during season 4 was great, and now with new players any team can be beaten by my guys, in particular at the home venue.

Future fixtures

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