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Chances to get ticket to Europe

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Thank for joining me again this Friday. Blog #791 today where you can read some news about Dynamo Dresden story.

First of all, I am merely happy with Dresden debut in the Bundesliga. If you take a look below, you can see Dynamo Dresden located at the 9th table line with one match to play. Another win would raise us up to the 7th position which is in 1 point from the Europe League qualification. Well, it would be unbelievable… To tell you the truth, my team can compete with Schalke at the moment anyhow in direct oppositions but league tournament is a long journey where stability rules… So who knows…

BL table


Dresden awesome performance

Traditionally I played a set of friendlies during winter transfer window. It helped not to loose tactic familiarity levels and increase team morale before the complicated trip to Dortmund.

Played matches

Worst match. Dortmund - Dynamo Dresden 3:0

DortmundMatch stats

Superb morale of most players doesn’t help against Dortmund. Away matches are always so tough for me in this season. Though there were some good signs. The best of them: Dresden managed to hold 0:0 till the 58th minute and showed decent counter-attacking football in the first half.

Best match. Werder Bremen – Dynamo Dresden 2:4


Cool away comeback against stronger team. Clearly tactical win I can boast with! My boys were simply great and efficient in this game. Special thanks should go to Milan Djuric who scored twice.

Werder was better in ball possession and quantity of made shots but let me take your attention to the match stats.

match stats[5]

Do you see? 6 clear cut chances by Dresden versus 3 clear cut chances by Bremen. The only word – efficiency. It helped to provide this great comeback victory.

Watch all six goals right now:

German Cup

vs KolnMatch stats vs Konl

Easy one-way game when my team was attacking since the first minute till the last one. No chances to Koln which is just a little bit weaker by squad. By the way, they are leading in the Second Division now with a huge advantage over other clubs.

Koln leads

Thusly, we made our way into German Cup semi-finals. That’s another chance to qualify into Europa League. Unluckily, next opponent is much stronger – Stuttgart

Dresden players

PlayersPlayers 2

Kasper Schmeichel made a good debut despite settling in: 5 games with 6.87 rating call some my respect. Moreover, I saw how excellently he was working against Werder Bremen. Certainly Kasper’s reaction helped a lot to achieve the great result.

As for the other players, I want to praise Marvin Stefaniak. He began to perform better without rotation mode with Ferhan Hasani (who was sold in winter). Constant match practice helped him to become more dangerous inside forward during this period.

Marko Pavlovski – 5 million footballer

My decision to adapt him to AMR position was one of the best during whole Dresden story. The Serbian talent continues to produce goals and assists. Additionally, I gave out him captain band after Kirsten transfer from Dresden.

Pavlovski is the only player with price value higher than $5M, and it’s not a limit. I suppose his value will grow up to $7M till the end of the season.

Closest matches

Future matches

Kaiserslautern, Nurnberg, Frankfurt. All these opponents should be beaten if I do want to compete for Europa League.

It’s more difficult to say about the next three matches. Can’t way to see my home game with Stuttgart and FC Bayern. The first one will become a rehearsal of German Cup match, the second one will show if we are able to oppose something versus the top European grand club at home at least.

March should be an exciting month for Dresden!

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