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Team instructions during match in FM 2014

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Today I would like to discuss team instructions that we got reworked in Football Manager 2014. They became more convenient and realistic way of managing how your team should act during matches.

I suspect some of you already forgot about sliders from previous game versions. Frankly speaking I always had some kind of feeling of artificiality regarding sliders. So new team instructions seem as a large step in evolution of Football Manager.

Team instructions in Football Manager 2014

Just some tips based on my experience

These tips I am giving now work really fine and taken from my own Dresden story experience.

Set up different team instructions

First and foremost, you should always use not less than three tactics. I don’t even discuss this rule, it got many words and opinions from lots of people. It’s more interesting what instructions (team and player) enabled in these three tactics… Use different team instructions!

It gives you great opportunity to change team instructions during match without penalties to players. Let’s imagine you use some kind of possession tactic and then just decided to enable counter-attacking strategy including Pass Into Space + More Direct Passing. It would the best if these two instructions are already enabled in your other tactic. Hence your players learned how to play that way during trainings.

Important: Maximal efficiency is available only when you reach maximal tactic familiarity levels.

Sure, it could be pretty obvious hint but anyway I would like underline its importance in FM 2014.

Use non-native team instructions smartly

Non-native team instructions – those that are not trained and disabled in all three tactics.

You certainly face very tough matches when your team can do nothing against opponent. Another case: you analyse opponent playing style and see their strength is not opposed by any of your tactics anyhow. For such cases I would suggest not to afraid enabling new team instructions during such matches and try to see and analyse changes on a pitch. Here are positives of the approach:

  • Getting a point or three points in matches when you almost lost hope.
  • More significant advantage: you get some new knowledge about team instructions and how players can cooperate during match. Onwards it can be used for creation new better tactics.

I experiment and use non-native team instructions from time to time. Even despite negative effect over tactic familiarity that can decrease and you need to work on returning it to maximal level.

One of Dresden matches. As a bonus

Some exciting news from Dresden story. Here is my first victory in Bundesliga, it turned into lovely comeback with two assists from Marko Pavlovski, reclassified into right inside forward, and goals by towering striker Milan Djuric.

Dresden - Mainz

Watch the goals!

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