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Kirsten question

Benjamin Kirsten in Dynamo DresdenKirsten is an icon

Goalie Benjamin Kirsten is an icon player in Dresden. And his contract runs out in summer. Now he has $18.2K wage but if I want to renew contract it’s going to be something near $30K… Now I need to decide whether I should remain Kirsten in the club.


Kirsten in Dresden

This goalie has been serving the club since the first season as one of the most stable players. Nevertheless, I feel Dynamo Dresden might need a goalie of higher level to settle in the top half of the table and maybe even begin seeking for promotion to Europa League next year.

I can’t say anything bad about this guy. He is Dynamo Dresden captain and one of the most reliable players. Rarely, very rarely one can see a mistake made by him during. So among cons I can only single out this one:

- Poor Kicking for Sweeper Keeper role in Attacking duty

Here are his career stats in Dynamo Dresden:

Careers stats of Kirsten

Compare Kirsten with other Bundesliga goalies

I think it’s a good idea to take a look at the goalkeepers of other Bundesliga goalies. There’s no sense to compare Kirsten with Neuer or Leno. We can take some middle-class teams for comparison basing on media prediction made during season preview.

6. Frankfurt

Kevin Trapp

7. HSV

Rene Adler

8. Wolfsburg

Benaglio in FM 2014

9. Hoffenheim


10. Werder Bremen


11. Gladbach

Oliver Baumann in FM 2014

Question to you

As you see Kirsten looks weaker than all abovementioned goalkeepers. So I am tending to try to search for a better goalie during closest winter or summer transfer window.

How do you think: Is this a good idea? Or maybe it’s better to remain Benjamin Kirsten, Dresden icon player and captain, in the squad?

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