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It’s good to be the 8th

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Blog post No.791 at True Football Manager is completely dedicated to Dresden story. A half of the season is behind and we can take a look at the results. But firstly I would like to boast that Dresden youth and training facilities were upgraded.

Facilities upgrade

I want to continue upgrading facilities every year to train players efficiently and bring some Dresden young talents to the main squad.


After the first half in the Bundesliga

The 8th position looks merely wonderful taking into account Dresden squad strength which is approximately14th I would say.

27 conceded goals hint we are not so good defensively as in attack but it’s my constant playing style and it’s fine for me.


I checked league table taking into consideration home matches. You see Dynamo Dresden acts very well at home! 6 wins and 3 draws - nearly the same result as Leverkusen, FC Bayern, Schalke, Dortmund have.


So all 6 defeats during the first half of the season happened in away matches. My team is not ready to play reliably at away venues.


Now here are the matches:

BL Matches

As for me we could gain even more points. Dusseldorf and 1860 Munchen have the weakest squads in the league so far. Probably lack of class and experience at this level hindered Dresden to earn points against them.

Additionally, strong Gladbach managed to arrange a late equalizer in the game which was mistakenly and too early considered as tactical win.

Dynamo Dresden – Werder 4:1

Surely, the most bright victory during this period is the one against Werder. Unexpected one I have to confess. They were helpless against counter-attacking Dresden tactic. Watch the goals:

Dresden players

Wolfsburg – Dresden 1:2

The most valuable win for me just because it happened against stronger team (8th media prediction) at their stadium. Winning away is a double-value at the moment as you understand.

WolfsburgMatch stats against Wolfsburg

Dresden players

PlayersPlayers 2

I am so happy about my decision about retraining Marko Pavlovski to AMR position. It worked like a charm. Certainly, without that we wouldn’t be so high in the league table. Pavlovski merely leads the team creating numerous goal chances, making assists, scoring goals..

Marko Pavlovski. Personal statistics

Pavlovski stats

Pavlovski is assisted by Milan Djuric which became my best summer transfer already. His smart positioning at the pitch is multiplied by great ability to win headers.

This couple is awesome. But I can’t say the same about other flank attackers. They all disturb me quite much.

  • Marvin Stefaniak. Shows a substitution bench level football.
  • Ferhan Hasani. My main AML is too often remains invisible on a pitch. I began thinking whether it’s better to sell him…
  • Rasmus Falk. Too bad. May be loaned Danish is only on his way to adapt but half of the season is passed…

That’s why I decided to bring Nouhourn Taboure from Dynamo Dresden U19 to the main squad. He is a future of Dresden football and I am going to give him a chance!

Nouhourn Taboure from Dresden football school


First games of 2017

Next matches

After the set of friendlies very tough matches against Dortmund and Schalke away me and my team. It would be great to earn 2 points in them.

As a distinct story, our German Cup journey. I was lucky to get Koln from the lower tier in the quarter final and hope to qualify into the semi finals easily.

So that’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading!

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