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First Dresden transfers in Bundesliga

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Summer transfer campaign is over me. I has spent all payroll and transfer money given by Dresden board. So I can brag about my first Bundesliga transfers just right now.

Let’s start with those who left Dynamo Dresden during the off-season.

Players out[5]

Christoph Menz and Julian Derstroff were sold due to their pretty low level which is not enough for Bundesliga in mind. I could keep Cleo but his wage demands didn’t relate with his class. Moreover, I understood better forwards need to feel confident in a relegation battle of Bundesliga.

The most controversial transfer is the sale of Alexander Milosevic. He’s not so great as in Nottingham Forest story. At the same time Milosevic’s price value and wage were high, so as for me it’s smart move to sell him. Thusly, supplemented Dresden budgets gave more freedom during the transfer campaign.

I wanted to sell Cheikh Gueye but nobody showed signs of interest to buy him. That’s why Gueye remains a Dresden squad part.

Dresden newcomers

Players in

As you see I didn’t spend much transfer money. It went on correcting club budgets into direction of payroll limit increase. In the end I got much higher wage budget than it had been given by the board:



Two German backup goalies signed contracts with Dynamo Dresden.

Vitus Eicher - Free


Vitus has some mental shortcomings but high Reflexes, Handling, Jumping Reach, Aerial Ability, communication skills promise he should become a good backup goalkeeper.

Tim Boss - Free

Tim Boss

Just the third Dresden goalie who didn’t ask high wage.

Central Defenders

Even Hovland (DC, DMC) - Free

Even Hovland

Even Hovland came instead Alexander Milosevic. I do like him. A very balanced DC with quite high physical skills and without drops in any other important defensive attributes.

Interesting that Hovland has pretty weird set of preferred moves as for a central back:

PPMs of Hovland

Danny Batth (DC) – Loaned for $15.5K per month

Danny Batth

Danny Batth is one of those whom I remember from Nottm Forest story very well. There was even a distinct blog post dedicated to Danny, his training efforts and brilliant performance during 4 seasons for my team in FM 2013

Comparing to that, I see he lacks Composure and Decisions in FM14, significant attributes of reliable centre back. Anyway Danny has all chances to turn into one of my favourites this season.

Wing Backs

Daniel Pudil (WBL, AML) – Loaned for $24K per month

Daniel Pudil

I managed to find Pudil on loan list. He became a new main left wing back for Dresden. Inspired by his experience, impressive Teamwork and Work Rate, PPMs. The only serious shortcoming, as you might notice, is low Passing (8).

PPMs of Pudil

Stanislav Manolev (WBR, AMR) – $135K

Stanislav Manolev

Made truly profitable deal brining Stanislav Manolev for $135K only. So now my right flank of defence is also strengthened with experienced player who can join attacks and make decent crosses.

PPMs Manolev

Central Midfielder

Ernestas Juska - Free


Decent prospective regen from Lithuania with a good prospect of growth during training process.

Inside Forwards

Igor Zofcak (AMR, AML, MC) - Free

Igor Zofcak

I suppose Igor Zofcak can be considered as a somewhat controversial signing because of his age and physical abilities. However, superb technical and mental skills multiplied by low wage demands helped me to make this decision.  Igor will take his place at substitution bench of course. But he’s ready to play not only as MC but also at AML and AMR position despite low pace.

Rasmus Falk (AMR, ST) – Loaned for $35k per month

Rasmus Falk

Flamboyant Danish right inside forward Rasmus Falk. He has all chances to achieve success during his time in Dresden. Creative, highly technical and unpredictable…

Rasmus can also play as striker in case if all other Dresden forwards get injured.

The most expensive loan for me by the way.


My stake is made on two towering forwards this season.

Milan Djuric – $750K

Milan Djuric in FM 2014

I hope Milan Djuric joined Dresden for a long time. I merely love his mental force linked with great strength and height. Can’t wait to see Milan in action!

PPMs of Djuric

Stipe Perica – Loaned with monthly fee

Stipe Perica in FM 2014

Talented Stipe Perica from Chelsea does look similarly to Milan Djuric. However, there are some slight differences:


Stipe Perica

Milan Djuric

First Touch



Long Shots






Jumping Reach



Natural Fitness



Ruslan Semenov – Free

Ruslan Semenov

Good-looking Russian regen for a prospect.

Team report with new players

Team report of DresdenTeam report of Dresden 2

Wage budget and player wages

Payroll budget

Player wagesPlayer wages 2

Bundesliga debut is ahead

Played matches

Dynamo Dresden won all easy friendlies and bagged 7 goals at the first stage of German Cup. Now it’s time to start in Bundesliga.

Hot start

Incredibly tough debut is promised for Dynamo Dresden by schedule. As you can see from the last screenshot below Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Schalke make a trio of the best German clubs. What a challenge for Dynamo Dresden!

I feel the next post should be dedicated to these three games. Hope to gain at least one point :) Is it possible?

Predicted finish

Excited to blog for you,

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