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Debut in Bundesliga

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Welcome back to Dresden story at True Football Manager blog! Blog post #787 today for you.

Season 4 in the story, and it’s time to share how I started in the top German league. Top 3 league clubs – Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Schalke – looked really mighty and managed to make 63 shots all together. It’s a luck for me Dresden survived with one points against Dortmund…


All three league matches were played using my main counter-attacking tactic.

Stunning 0:5 at Allianz-Arena

Bayern score

Absolutely inconsolable start in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich controlled the game from very first minute to last ones. We didn’t even manage to create a half chances or single normal counter-attack.

Just look at the stats:

Match stats against Bayern

One of the strongest clubs in the world have completely mind-blowing squad where 8 players cost more than $45M!

Bayern players

First point in match with second German team

Frankly, I didn’t expect to earn that point against Dortmund. However, fans at home stadium helped to bring some struggle in this, as it had seemed previously, very possible loss.

Huge respect to Benjamin Kirsten who provided safety at his line. He is a main hero of this game as for me.

I am also proud about beautiful combination finished by goal of 20 years old midfielder Lucas Scholl, native Dresden player.

Match stats vs Dortmund

Dresden player stats against Dortmund:

Players stats against Dortmund

Schalke – Dynamo Dresden 2:1

Schalke dominate game

As you see from the stats below 2:1 numbers on a scoreboard doesn’t show a real picture. Schalke was simply better. Not so much as Bayern Munich of course.

Among positives:

- Dresden had several good counter attacking moves

- Defensively we were pretty efficient protecting Kirsten from clear cut chances with exception of 2 goals.

Match stats

Marko Pavlovski reclassified into Inside Forward

Marko Pavlovski

It’s too early to say something about newbies that is why I decided to concentrate the last article’s part on the most talented Dresden player. Marko Pavlovski has never stopped growing during trainings. He demanded new contract and became a top earner in the club. Nevertheless, I reckon he doesn’t fulfil his potential in a real action. Maybe it’s because I use him as MC in Box-To-Box Midfielder role when he is more AMC actually.

This is one of the reason why I thought it would be good to retrain Marko into right flank inside forward.

Another reason: there are too many good MCs in Dynamo Dresden. Talented Lucas Scholl needs match practice to progress onwards.

Marko’s training efforts at the flank began just right after season break and currently he can boast about “Yellow" level of position familiarity.

Pavlovski positions

Meanwhile I continue to play in the Bundesliga and hope to present you several match reports next Friday. Stay tuned.

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