Friday, 21 March 2014

Comparing top league debuts

Hi everybody,

Thanks for joining this blog today. I wanted to write Dresden story update but wasn’t in time to play sufficient count of matches. That’s why I decided to create a some kind of unusual blog post. As you know from the last  update, Dynamo Dresden appeared at the 10th position after first nine fixture in the Bundesliga which I consider a very successful top league debut. Later on I thought:

How much successful were my top league debuts in the previous FM stories?

That’s a really interesting question! Therefore I decided to devote a distinct blog post to that.

Another entertaining nuance for me is that I don’t know the results at the moment. I mean I haven’t checked the previous FM stories and can’t wait to do that right now.

FM 2014. Dynamo Dresden. 10th after 9 fixtures


FM 2010. Leeds United. 16th after 19 fixtures

About debut in Premier League with Leeds United: Complicated season start


FM 2011. Boston United. 17th after 10 fixtures

Season 8 in the LLM story. How Boston United started in the Premier League


FM 2012. Q.P.R. 17th after 9 fixtures

Original post: Q.P.R. I do not like my tactics!


FM 2013. Nottingham Forest. 20th after 8 fixtures

One the worst Premier League debuts that turned into the most successful FM story in my life. Decent football but lack of points in PL 

Nottingham Forest

FM 2009. Hull City. 20th after 11 fixtures

Awful start by Hull. Is Mission Impossible?


FM 2008. Southampton. 20th after 12 fixtures

At the bottom of Premier League. Lady Luck is against us



Oh what a nostalgia for me…

As you see my current start in the top league is much better than in all previous stories. It’s difficult to determine exact reason but I think my experience and tactical approach are the main ones.

As an alternative explanation, starting in the Bundesliga is easier than in the English Premier League. I am not sure about that. But may be someone of you, dear readers, can support or reject this idea?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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