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Rigid tactics: 2 backup variants I use

Dear readers,

Thanks for joining True Football Manager again. It’s time to share 2 backup tactics used by me in Dynamo Dresden story. Both of them are based on my main tactic which was presented earlier. Ideologically, the whole my FM14 tactic set differs from the one I had in FM13 called Triple C. I had an attempt to play very different football styles using different formations in Football Manager 2013. An opposite approach cultivated by me in FM 2014 because currently all three Dresden tactics have many common features:

  • Very rigid philosophy
  • High use of flanks
  • Direct passing
  • Wide play

But let’s try to to understand what differences my backup tactics have from already published counter-attacking one.


Half-back based tactic

Rigid tactics in FM 2014

The final version of this tactic was created following your advices about moving one of centre backs into DM position and giving him the Half Back role. This trick helped a lot to create something really good balanced that can work very well against modern 4-2-3-1 with AMC, AML, AMR.

A half back often sits back and makes right decisions when he can and should go higher. I merely love this new role in Football Manager.

Another difference from the main counter-attacking tactic is Standard mentality. This is correct mentality to see a complete balance in actions of defenders, midfielders and forwards when flanks remain overused during attacks.

Team instructions[4] 

When the tactic used

I use this backup tactic even more often than the main one in season 3. That’s because Dresden squad strength allows to dominate in quite many games.

Also,  there’s a small addition in team instructions: Higher Tempo. It helps to arrange faster paly and be even more dominating.

Team instructions

“Too many attackers” tactic

Attacking rigid tactics in FM 2014

Well you see a change between the first tactic and this one. Half back was moved right to striker position and given Target Man role to help other forwards. Thusly, I got 8 players participating in attacks! Sure, centre midfielders and wing backs go down and perform defensive tackles but obviously there are four very attacking players in this formation.

Fluidity and mentality remained the same as in the Half Back tactic.


Some crucial differences you can find in the team instruction set:

  • Hassle Opponents. Press opponents and tackle ball quicker.
  • Work Ball Into Box. There are too many attackers, so it’s obvious we can seize on quantity bringing ball into box more easily than normally.
  • Roam From Positions. Somewhat conflicts with Very Rigid philosophy. But unusual player movements can change things on a pitch.

Attacking team instructions FM 2014

When the tactic used

You might think “WTF, playing this one you won’t survive against any serious opponent!”

Exactly! The tactic is created for rare cases when opponent's squad is perceptibly weaker than mine. In such a case my team has to concentrate on attacking efforts extremely, that’s why you see additional Target Man-type striker instead Half Back player (DM).

I’ve used it recently during whole match and had a complete advantage over Regensburg, Bundesliga 2 team with much weaker squad:

Regensburg - DresdenMatch stats against Regensburg

Download both tactics

If you want to analyse my tactical approach in details or just don’t like to create FM tactics on your own initiative, you can freely download the tactics here:

TFM Standard

TFM Attack

Tactical discussion

Any your impressions are welcomed. Do you like the published tactics? What shortcomings do you see in my reflections about Very Rigid tactical approach after all?

Please feel free to write any comments!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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