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Transfer campaign, pre-season 3

Hello dear readers,

True Football Manager blog post No.775 today. A huge one that describes whole transfer campaign in in summer of 2015.

I am beginning with season expectations finalized after board talks. I promised to promote and was given pretty decent transfer and payroll budget for that.

Season 3 expectations


Team report: Before transfers

The following screenshot was made just right before transfer window opening. So it should help you to compare initial squad with the one after transfers described below.



Player sales

Player sales

Recall Dresden squad review made after second season? All players from so called Bye-bye group left the team. It’s really good I managed to get decent money for Romain Bregerie and Geoffrey Mujangi Bia, they called some interest on a market.

Additionally, I decided to sell centre back Adam Susac after putting signatures on contracts with new defenders.

Newcomers of Dynamo Dresden

Newcomers DD

Some well-known footballers here in the list as you see. Serbian fans should know centre forward Cleo, Ukrainians know prospective Vitsenets from Shakhtar, and many of you probably know who is Karim Haggui

I didn’t manage to loan any player from Stuttgart, Dresden parent club. Though you see Georg Niedermeier in the list above. But I terminated his loan contract because thought I will be able to loan another defender for left flank which remained the weakest position actually. But it was my pure mistake. I didn’t know loans are counted incrementally. So I had 4 loans made, terminated contract with Nidermeier, and still had 4 loans made. Now I understand how it works…

1. Vitaliy Vitsenets (MC, DM) – Free

Vitaliy Vitsenets in FM 2014

Wonderful signing! I signed a contract with him in winter half of year ago. So now Vitsenets left on a Bosman rule and arrived to Dresden. I am absolutely sure he will become one of my best players.

Moreover, Vitaliy is Ukrainian and my namesake :)


2. Cleo (SC) – Free


Cleo made his name as a Partizan and Red Star forward, then he moved to China, and now returned to Europe to help Dynamo Dresden with Bundesliga promotion. He possesses high technical and mental skills making him one of the most dangerous forwards for German Second Division.

As for shortcomings, you can see Cleo lacks speed, Strength, Teamwork and Work Rate.  So may be he doesn’t deserve to have the highest wage in the squad. Anyway we’ll see everything on a pitch.

3. Phillip Klingmann (WBR) – $575K

Phillip Klingmann in FM 2014

I decided to buy Phillip Klingmann to cement right flank. He was one of the best Karlsruhe players with high Crossing and pretty good defensive skills. So no doubt he will compete with Cheikh Gueye for the first eleven.

Klingmann’s PPMs suite much for the Complete Wing Back role.


4. Bruno Petkovic (SC) – Loan

Bruno Petkovic in FM 2014

Bruno Petkovic joined Dynamo Dresden on loan to create competition for Cleo. He differs from Serbian forward preferring less smart but more physical football. Thusly I hope to see Petkovic scoring headers.

I’d like to single out also his decent levels of Dribbling, Technique and Off The Ball. It means he can act not only as towering striker but also move in channels with a success from time to time.

5. Karim Haggui (DC) – Loan


Karim Haggui. A bit controversial loan to strengthen central defensive line.


  • Great experience
  • Good defensive skills including Anticipation


  • Composure = 10, Concentration = 9, Decisions 8
  • Lack of strength to win headers often

It’s obvious Haggui should not be used when dealing against big Target Man-type players.

Career stats

6. Ferhan Hasani (AML, AMR) – Free

Ferhan Hasani in FM 2014 

Dresden inside forward position got some strengthening as well. Ferhan Hasani from Macedonia joined my club. His main advantages are versatility, ability to play both feet, good dribbling skills. Though Ferhan definitely lacks mental skills and I am kind of interested to see whether it will have a large influence during matches.

Hasani  Hasani PPM

7. Solomon Kverkvelia (DC) – Free

Solomon Kverkvelia in FM 2014

Another centre back. Georgian defender will compete with others for starting line-up place. But I am afraid he won’t win in that competition due to lack of Teamwork, Positioning, and Stamina. Though Kverkvelia being a model professional has all chances to prove me being wrong.

Model Professional

8. Julian Derstroff (AML, AMR) – Free

Julian Derstroff in FM 2014

I put Derstroff at the 8th place in the list of signings being maybe somewhat strict about him. He look like a player who can make a surprise. May be his technical abilities are not remarkable but high Determination, good Pace and Acceleration multiplied by Resilient personality can work out.


9. Igor Berezovskyi (GK) – Loan

Igor Berezovskyi in FM 2014

Another Ukrainian joined Dynamo Dresden. Berezovskyi became a backup goalie signing a loan contract.

Wage budget is totally spent

This season promotion is must. That’s why I was not too modest and spent all payroll budget even overcoming its limit a bit.

This is how current Dresden squad looks if you sort players by wage size:

Player wages[4]Wages

Transfer budget is also almost completely spent due to quite high loyalty bonuses given during contact signings.


Team report: After transfers


That’s it. How do you like changed Dresden squad?

First match in season 3

Meanwhile I managed to play the first match in the new season. It was a tough game against Koln, club that relegated from Bundesliga last season, club that predicted by media to finish at the 2nd position.

Unluckily, we lost. But I should confess it was absolutely equal game. Koln’s victory was provided by their new amazing link of forwards Simon Terrode and Ken Ilso. They were very efficient in cooperation and beating my defenders in certain situations.

First match

Look and the stats of Dresden players. Here you can see I made a mistake letting Karim Haggui to debut. He lost nearly half of all headers…

match stats

Further matches


Season 3 is beginning and promises us to compete for promotion. Mighty Hannover is right ahead!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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