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Some words about training and youth facilities in FM 2014

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Thanks for joining True Football Manager blog again. It –17 degrees behind the window, meanwhile I continue to write about Dynamo Dresden and express impressions sitting in a warm kitchen :)

Whilst summer transfer campaign is in progress (actually it’s coming to an end) I would like to share news about Dresden training and youth facilities. The last season was successful and brought some money to the club budget so it’s was obvious to ask board about upgrades.

They supported that:

Facilities to upgradeFacilities[5]

Current state of Dresden facilities

So here what I have at the moment after two seasons:


By the way, do you know what each of these facilities mean? No? Ok.

Training facilities. The most simple. Straight influence on a quality of player development. Better facilities you have – your players improve more.

Youth facilities. The same as training facilities but only for youth team.

Corporate facilities. It influences size of sponsorship contracts received by your club.

Levels of facilities

Another tricky thing is about levels of facilities and how they differ. For instance, what level is better: Great or Top? Superb or Excellent? Here is my answer on that.
Corporate Facilities
Training Facilities
Youth Facilities
1. Top
2. Good
3. Average
4. Adequate
5. Fairly Basic
6. Basic
1. Top
2. Excellent
3. Superb
4. Great
5. Good
6. Average
7. Adequate
8. Below average
9. Basic
10. Poor
1. Top
2. Excellent
3. Superb
4. Great
5. Good
6. Average
7. Adequate
8. Below Average
9. Poor
10. Basic

When construction work is over, Dresden will receive the following level-up for facilities according to the table above:
  • Training facilities: Average –> Good
  • Youth facilities: Great –> Superb

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to Dresden story, particularly because the next blog update will be really huge containing information about all transfers made in summer. I imagine it should be an exciting one!

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