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Season 2. Right after winter transfer window

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It’s Dynamo Dresden story. Blog post No.766 at True Football Manager!

Today I’ve prepared some news about the latest results and even winter transfers. Transfer deadline has just been passed in my game.

Dresden matches

Dresden matches

Five last matches of 2014 brought some kind of mixed feelings. From the one hand we managed to beat stronger Dusseldorf in German Cup. From the other hand: two unexpected minimal defeats in matches with more or less equal opponents.

Look to these five matches under tactical lens results in the following table:




Squad strength


Aalen A 2:1 Weaker Logical win
Furth H 1:1 Stronger Tactical draw but could be a win
Dusseldorf H 3:2 Stronger Complicated tactical win in an equal game
Karlsruhe H 0:1 Weaker Sudden loss despite advantage
Paderborn A 0:1 Equal Boring equal game with poor score


Dynamo Dresden are German Cup quarter-finalists

Equal game versus Dusseldorf

Dresden newcomers Sascha Molders and Marcus Piossek became those persons who led the team into the quarter finals. It’s exciting achievement for Dynamo Dresden currently which also brought some good money to the club budget.

Next German Cup opponent is Nurnberg from Bundesliga… That’s going to be very tough away game.

Now watch all five goals in the match versus Dusseldorf:

Unbeaten run stopped by Karlsruhe

Dresden finally loss

12 wins and draws in a row – an impressive achievement after squad revolution during the first season’s half. It’s just a shame to got defeated by Karlsruhe at home, their squad is a bit weaker than fine.

The decisive goal was conceded because my right flank player Gueye and Piossek did not manage to cover their most dangerous player Gaeten Krebs. Krebs performed an exciting cross that led to the goal…

Afterwards I changed tactics into more attacking variant with two central defenders and 1 DMC. Dresden had an advantage but failed to seize on 4-5 very good chances. Not the best match by striker Sascha Molders who failed to score two one-on-one chances.

I think this loss did influence mood of all players. Dynamo Dresden dropped down from the 2nd line in the table and then lost next match with Paderborn. It was an equal boring game that transformed into the second loss in a row. In such a way Dresden moved down to the 7th table position and finished 2014 in a minor gamma.

League table

Dresden players

Dresden playersDresden players 2

Basically, I am happy with majority of Dresden players. Centre back Toni Leistner has been showing large signs of a progress during this season.

Largest disappointments at the moment are:

  • Romain Bregerie (DC). It seems he lacks confidence to improve reliability. I didn’t expect him to play so weak.
  • Brian Behrendt (DC, DMC). The same as for Bregerie with slight
  • Marko Pavlovski (MC). He hadn’t adapted in the squad so far. Absolutely. I should give another half of season for that.


Surely, you have already noticed squad changes. But let me describe in details.

Players out

Players out

Sales of forwards Dedic and Muller can cause some questions. So I understand I should explain. First and foremost, contracts of both players were ending in a half of year. There were two problems with these players helped me to make this decision:

  • Tobias Muller. He just simply does not fit into existing tactical schemes. I need powerful forwards who can win balls in the air.
  • Zlatko Dedic. He wanted more than $18K of salary being 30 years old. It’s too much for me. I think inside forward with pretty average performance this season didn’t deserve that money.

Players in

Players in

1. Alexander Milosevic (DC) - Free

Alexander Milosevic in Football Manager 2014

The most rewarding effect should be achieved by signing of Alexander Milosevic. Just because Dresden defence was the weakest area. Now the Swedish player became my best central defender.

By the way, this transfer can remind long-time blog readers about my Nottm Forest story in FM 2013. There I bought Alexander Milosevic just right before the second season :-)

Potential of Milosevic

2. Geoffrey Mujangi Bia (AMR, AML, AMC) - Free

Geoffrey Mujangi Bia in FM 2014

Bia is the most pacey Dresden player now. Add to that fact his technical skills, good Finishing (14) and Composure (14), ability to play at any flank with any foot. You should understand why I said goodbye to Dedic and loaned Maksimovic.

As for the shortcomings, the major concern here is poor Balance (6) and Stamina (7). He won’t be very good in ball struggle but we’ll see.


3. Zlatan Muslimovic (ST) - Free

          Zlatan Muslimovic in FM 2014

          Just a backup option for Sascha Molders and unconfident Petar Sliskovic. Having just two forwards was a risky thing, that’s why experienced Zlatan Muslimovic joined Dynamo Dresden.

          What’s your opinion of the transfers?


          Please tell me:

          Whether did I manage to strengthen the squad letting Dedic to go and singing new players?


          Meanwhile I continue Dresden story. Match against strong Nurnberg will be pretty soon!

          Excited to blog for you,

          Vitaliy Mokosiy

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