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Surprising 3rd table line due to tactical approach

Hello guys,

The last day of the year today, and I am ready to report about Dynamo Dresden. It’s always pleasant to write posts when things go so fine. Much better than I expected. After summer squad revolution my aim was to see Dresden at the 7-8th position in January and then, when new squad members get gelled into the team, try to fight for top places. However, my set of tactics and in-depth opponent learning before every game helped to perform much better.

It’s early November and Dynamo Dresden are already among title contenders!!!

Dresden going third


Dresden matches


The first thing striking my and your eyes is that I had no a single loss since September! Not perfect but very good performance by Dresden players allowed to:

  • beat league leaders Union Berlin in German Cup
  • grab points confidently against clubs promoted from the Third league: Duisburg, Heidenheim.
  • win against Braunschweig and make draw with Augsburg
  • survive in dramatic encounter with 1860 Munchen when we were loosing with 0:3 score

Emotional comeback draw against 1860 Munchen

That was a magic of “3” and “0” numbers! 3:0 turned into 3:3 in 30 minutes!This draw is basically my merit. I switched to attacking variant of tactics with higher tempo and made two substitutions which influence the result so much!

Goals of Stefaniak and Molders became truly crucial. Frankly, I didn’t expect my boys could deal with such tough situation.


Match stats

All six goals for you to watch:

Battles against former Bundesliga clubs

One simple fact about Augsburg and Braunschweig: they have the best squads in the league with average player value and wage twice higher in comparison with my club. So you understand Dynamo Dresden wasn’t considered as a favourite in both games. However, we withstood pressure in away game with Augsburg making 1:1 draw and managed to quite confidently win with 2:0 score against Braunnscheweig.

Clearly tactical results I should confess. That was the moment when I felt we had a real chance to promote this season and may be even win the league!



German cup win over Union Berlin

Two goals of winger Markus Piossek allowed to pass one of the best Bundesliga 2 clubs in German Cup!


Under tactical lens

I would like to continue reporting about every match in context of primary story target: win games tactically. Here you can see results of 5 matches were provided by tactical efforts against stronger teams. I am very pleased about that.




Squad strength


FSV Frankfurt H 1:1 Equal Slight advantage. We had 4 clear cut chances failed
1860 Munchen A 3:3 Stronger Marvellous comeback. Tactical draw!
Bochum A 1:1 A bit stronger Equal game
Union Berlin H 2:1 Stronger Tactical win!
Duisburg H 2:1 Weaker Easy one
Union Berlin H 1:1 Stronger Tactical draw
Heidenheim A 5:2 Weaker Complete advantage. Hat-trick from Molders.
Aue H 2:0 Weaker Confident victory
Augsburg A 1:1 Much stronger Tactical draw
Braunschweig H 2:0 Much stronger Amazing tactical win!


Squad and its harmony

Squad harmony

Squad harmony level is already perfect according Dresden board. Though I can’t say all new players have already completely blended into the team.

My largest star Marko Pavlovski and centre back Brian Behrendt experience obvious problems for a while. Loaned Alvaro Ampuero and Nemanja Maksimovic don’t show stable performance. So resolving these squad issues could become a key to our further Bundesliga promotion.

Dresden playersDresden players 2

Meanwhile Pavlovski is just on his way to adapt, last winter signing Herman Stengel showed signs of progress in matches and trainings. This young creative midfielder is one of the largest prospects for Dynamo Dresden. Hope to see more assists from him in the next games.

Dresden weakest area is still defensive line. According to team report, Dresden defence goes 17th in the league by two key attributes: Tackling and Positioning. Low ratings of Behrendt and Bregerie confirm I need to strengthening this line in winter somehow. Despite all problems, there’s a star of Toni Leistner appeared in the sky. This German central defender managed to grab 3 MoMs and score 4 goals in 16 matches.

The best player of reported is loaned striker Sascha Molders. Last season I understand I need a striker who can just score his moments. All other things like good dribbling, team work, etc. are not so important because former Dresden forwards Amine Aoudia and Michael Pote were very poor in front of the goal and failed so many chances...

Sascha MoldersMolders stats

Newcomer goalie

Most attentive of you, dear blog readers, have noticed my new backup goalie. He was signed in very urgent manner when goalkeeper Benjamin Kirsten got injured for 3 weeks.

So experienced David Yelldell joined Dynamo Dresden to help in closest game while Kirsten is out of play. I should confess Yelldell performed better than I expected in the last two matches against Augsburg and Braunschweig!

David Yelldell in Football Manager 2014


Strategy and tactics

I feel so good because situation looks extremely promising. My story targets are the toughest I’ve ever had.  Getting tactical wins mean I shouldn’t have strong squad for that. It completely corresponds to current events:

Dresden squad is the 8-9th by strength but team is at the 3rd line in the table!

Thusly, I am happy to see strategy to concentrate on a tactical approach working so great for me. The largest advantage here: I get even more pleasure from playing Football Manager 2014. You’ve probably noticed that Dresden story hasn’t been progressing so fast as it was in previous FMs. It’s the consequence of my new way/style to play Football Manager.

Upcoming matches

5 matches to play

I have only 5 matches to play till winter break which will end on February, 7. I am very curious if my Dresden will be able to finish this year in Top-3 of the league.

Another intrigue is of course German Cup. I was very lucky to get Bundesliga 2 team as opponent again. Dusseldorf has stronger squad of course but home stadium and fans should help. That’s why we have a nice chance to qualify into quartifinals!


That’s all I wanted to blog about this last day of 2013 year. Hope you enjoy my story and want to write some comments to this post :)

Happy New Year, friends!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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