Friday, 13 December 2013

Preparing for squad revolution

Dear friends,

Those of you who follow latest events in Ukraine know there’re many people support Euro-Revolution going here. I am one of them but quite passive one.

However, I am going to be active in very other revolution regarding Dynamo Dresden squad :)

I am going to begin with 3 helpful screen shots to show current squad in depth.


Team report including loaned out players

This is how current team looks after the first season of the story.


Wages Dresden pays to players


Season stats

For those guys who similarly to me are fond of analysing player statistics I am sharing the screen below. It did help me to highlight key strengths and weaknesses of concrete players.

For instance, Mistakes is really helpful value. Dividing it on appearances, I use it to compare players of the similar positions.


Who should leave Dynamo Dresden

  • Goalie Florian Fromlowitz. I don’t see any reason to pay $5K per week to a backup goalkeeper.
  • Substitution bench central backs Matthew Bates and Maxym Imerekov. Too weak performers as for me. Their contracts are coming to an end.
  • Tobias Kempe (AMR) and Idir Ouali (AML) already signed by other clubs on Bosman rule.
  • Soufian Benyamina (AML) and Robert Koch (AMR). Both inside forwards are too slow and didn’t impress me during the season.
  • I could keep Filip Trojan (AML) because he was one of the most stable performers… but age of 31 and his decreased speed doesn’t allow to be so efficient at flank. Moreover, his wage expectations are too high - $18K. That’s why he should leave as well.
  • Vincenzo Iaquinta (CF). Very slow and thusly surprisingly inefficient striker.
  • Marco Hartmann (DC, WBL). Too many mistakes and low average rating. This backup player should leave Dresden.
  • Loaned out Adnan Mravac (DC), Torsten Schulz (DL/DR), Nico Pelatz (GK), Alban Sabah (DC) are unneeded. Another matter is Romain Bregerie (DC). Hope to see him coming back from loan in a good mood and without bad recollections about his captaincy loss year ago.

Under question

Amine Aoudia became the most efficient as Complete Forward scoring 8 goals in 16(5) matches. Nevertheless, he is not a type of player who suits very well for this role. In addition, Amine possesses poor Finishing (11) and Composure (10).

What would you advise me to do with him? Sell or remain as backup Dresden player?


It can look like mistake but it’s not


Long Dresden journey ahead. Currently it seems it won’t be so fast success story as it happened with Nottm Forest in FM 2013. That's is exactly the reason why I would like to grow more players and decided to spend that large money on improvement of youth facilities.

Staff changes done!

Similar intention is underline by staff assignments made in early June.


John McMahon became the best signing here. Dynamo Dresden paid $60K to his former club Tranmere as compensation.

So now Coaches area look more impressive, especially in Fitness category.


Hot summer

Squad revolution is ahead and I believe it should and will take much time. It’s split into three parts:

  • Active scouting
  • Buying/signing new players
  • Selling current Dresden players I don’t need anymore

As for positions to strengthen, currently there’s no much sense to devote separate section in this blog post about that. The point is in that all positions have to be strengthened with exception of GK.

The most anxious stage here is player sales which was not very successful in summer. But this time I am going to be more aggressive and do not hesitate much. Hope this will help!

So just stay tuned.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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