Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pack of my squad views in FM 2014

Hi everybody,

Going to share my customized views today. That’s one of new features appeared in Football Manager few years ago that makes me happy. So now I can’t imagine FM 2014 without customized views.

Squad views

This screen is most visited by any FM gamer. You have full access to the list of first team players can view and sort it in any possible way due to available customization. Currently I have three customized view there. My default one is called TFM Squad view. It allows to follow the most important player stats while selecting squad for a next match. Especially I like to follow Key Passes/Headers/Tackles and percentage ratios per each action.

Squad view in FM 2014


Another one I use when I need to pause game for in-depth player analysis. It contains numerous statistical per every player and helps me to make significant squad decisions. Long-time blog readers may have seen something similar in my squad analysis articles before transfer window. Its name is TFM Stats.

Customized squad view in Football Manager 2014

And the third customized view was created to look over squad salaries and includes some useful additional information like Personality and Preferred Foot. Meet TFM Personality & Wages:

Customized squad view in FM 2014

Download FM 2014 Squad Views and share with your friends:


If you downloaded the file and don’t now what to do with it, just unpack it. Then import each file having fmview extension by means of the Import view menu point:

Importing views in FM 2014


Furthermore, I would like to share customized views of my other screens in Football Manager 2014. But this will happen in one the next blog posts because I had to run to my office right now :)

Hope you like my personal FM content. Remember I don’t share it anywhere. It’s exclusively published at True Football Manager blog only. So don’t stop visiting it :)

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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