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FM 2014 Tactics

FM 2014 Tactics

At the height of the season 2 I am glad to share my FM 2014 tactics used for Dynamo Dresden. I cannot boast with some great results so far but think this tactic works pretty fine and could only need a couple of small adjustments. By the way, it would be nice if you suggest me any creative minds in the comments.


Tactical Approach


Majority of our attacks come from flanks as you see from the team instructions. I can hardly remember a single team that blocked our massive flank attacks completely. Flanks and players used there are crucial for this tactic.

6 players (all four guys on flanks + two central midfielders) have personal instructions to play more direct passes. This way to pass the ball in combination with wider style specified in the team instructions helps to unwrap counter-attacks like lightnings. 

Very Rigid fluidity was chosen because of two reasons:

  • Defenders should only defend and not join attacks. Striker has to always remain ahead.
  • The second reason is more ambitious one:

I never managed to gain success with Rigid tactics in previous Football Managers!

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Now let’s take a look at player instructions.

Sweeper Keeper

Sweeper Keeper in FM 2014 tactics

In my mind Sweeper Keeper is more sophisticated but better option than standard role. The goalie covers zone below defensive line acting like sweeper, compensating breaches…

Another important thing here is what keeper does when he possesses the ball. I set up his aim to distribute ball to towering striker with direct long kicks. So high Decisions, Creativity, Kicking, good speed are significant for such type of goalkeeper.

Defenders: 2 - Defend, 1 - Cover

I decided to use Central Defender role with Defend duty for two centre backs which located closer to flanks. Central guy has Cover duty. I chose this scheme only in the end of the first season when I understood there were two many leaks by strikers through central.

One of my hesitations was regarding Limited Defender role. I decided not to choose it instead Central Defender because of probable very poor passing from defensive line. In a perfect world these tactics needs defenders with high passing skills.

Wing Backs + Inside Forwards

Key positions for this tactic!

Complete Wing Back in FM 2014 tactics

During defensive phase I want to see my wing backs to use hard tackling because the most of opponents prefer modern tactical formations with 2 inside forwards on flanks.

Target #1 for wing back with ball is to deliver it to towering as soon as possible. That’s why Cross From Deep, Cross Aim Target Man and More Direct Passes instructions applied. Such kind of crossing can also help to withstand against winger-full back pair. My wing back has higher opportunity to get rid of the ball in a good manner prior to tackling attempts from opponents.

Inside Forward in FM 2014 tactics

Wing backs should be fast, hard-working and possess good passing and crossing skills. They work in impressive way together with Inside Forward on flanks.

During attacks you will often see 2 your players penetrating a flank.

Inside forwards are versatile attackers. They can either make a cross to central forward or dribble cutting inside. Good Finishing and Composure are necessary because inside forwards tend to score goals often.

Midfield Skeleton

Box to Box Midfielder in FM 2014 Tactics  Central Midfielder in FM 2014 Tactics

Central pair of midfielders cooperate having Box-To-Box Midfielder and Central Midfielder role. First and foremost these guys have to be good in ball tackling. There are only two of them, thusly I would suggest to use faster players.

Having attacking stage, both central midfielders more often pass the ball to one of flanks because of 'Exploit Flanks’ team instruction. Though both MCs have More Direct Passes personal instruction and play through balls to SC quite frequently.

Complete Forward

Complete Forward in FM 2014 tactics

Direct long balls coming ahead demand high Jumping, Strength, and Heading from this guy. It’s not surprise that I had been using Target Man role since beginning till January, 2014. But it was not very efficient because target man often tends to pass ball somewhere to a partner but not intensify attacking play.

Therefore I decided to switch to Complete Forward. This role helps to dribble or shoot the ball in some particular situation and still makes player be dangerous during float crosses.

Download my FM 2014 tactics

You can freely download and use it: TFM Counter, Flanks.tac

Regarding other two tactics I use

I have three tactical schemes actually. They do not differ so much as it was Triple C approach for FM 2013. One of them is very similar to the tactic described above and has few distinctions in team instructions and mentality. The third tactic is somewhat experimental and not often used. Main difference is that that MC-MC pair was transformed into DMC-AMC pair. I think I will write about it in a separate article.


Hope my FM 2014 tactics looks fine in your eyes and decided to use it. But it would be even better if I inspired you to create your own Football Manager tactic!

I would love to read your comments about my tactical approach in FM 2014!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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