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First squad revolution in Dresden

As you know I was not happy about Dresden squad and its suitability to direct long pass style based mainly on attack through flanks. Therefore happened revolution was a logical step in the travel to further success. Transfer window is not closed yet, it’s the end of July so far. But I think I won’t make more than 1-2 transfers onwards till deadline day.


Media made a forecast of 13th position for Dynamo Dresden which is just one up respective the prediction we had season ago. Well, it was made earlier than the squad revolution. So that’s OK. I would say in reality Dresden has 7th or 8th squad in the league now.


I was careful in ambitions. I do understand maybe we can even promote to Bundesliga this season but there are too many unknown factors, and main of them is an adaptation process for numerous new players. That’s why top half-finish was considered the optimal variant at the moment. Club board wasn’t generous and suggested budgets similar to those they had given year ago.

Players who left Dynamo Dresden


All player sales happened according to the plan in one of the last posts. I released much of wage budget saying bye-bye to guys like Mravac, Trojan, Ouali, Kempe, Koch and Aoudia. By the way, as you see I decided to sell my main striker Amine Aoudia what turned into the most complicated task during this transfer campaign. Nobody wanted to buy him until Heidenheim agreed to pay half of value.
So many Dresden footballers left the team… Squad revolution was in the air.
My happiness of sales: 90%. Just because I feel I could receive more money for some players.

New Dresden players

Normally I put the total list above player profiles. This time I decided to adapt reversed approach. Every player will be a surprise for you.

1. Marko Pavlovski (MC, AMC) – $575K


Transfer number 1 by importance and prospect. Pavlovski is a wonderkid for Dynamo Dresden! Light-hearted playmaker with good leadership skills and pretty high Work Rate will help Dresden to achieve success. I like his technical and attacking skills and feel it will be hard to retain such talent in Dynamo Dresden.

Despite MC position, Mark can be good as Shadow Striker as AMC. It’s actual for me because third Dresden tactic is based on AMC-DMC midfield link. The tactic was created during the last season’s 2nd half.

Pavlovski is the only player whom I bought for transfer money. Others were signed for free.


2. Oliver Hein (MC, DMC) - Free


Oliver Hein was one of Renensburg key players as you see from his average rating.  He looks like a good ball-winning midfielder with those levels of Bravery, Anticipation, Aggression, Stamina, etc. I feel he can become one of key Dresden players in the next two seasons.

Hein’s disadvantages: speed and inability to win headers.

One of features I personally like in every player – ability to play both feet.


3. Sascha Molders (SC) – Loaned from Ausburg


I needed a determined forward who can score more than Pote or Aoudia (strikers from initial Dresden squad). Sure, Sascha Molders  is not a perfect candidate to play complete forward role. But in my mind he has enough skills to turn into top Bundesliga 2 goal scorer. By the way, he showed himself great in Augsburg Reserves scoring 22 goals in 28 games.

Sascha possesses very good physical skills and is able to win many headers. It’s important because my tactical approach demands from striker to obtain ball after direct long passes.

This loan became an awesome deal for me because Augsburg had allowed not to pay salary :)


4. Alvaro Ampuero (WBL, AML) – Loaned from Parma


Young talent from Peru. Best role for him is Complete Wing Back which is widely used by me. Ampuero should easily gel into Dresden tactics and arrange many impressive attacks on the left flank.

I like his level of Creativity. Going to use Ampuero mainly as rotation option for Schuppan. Though it’s you will be able to see how this guy is good in a role of Inside Forward at AML position.

$2.6K per week is nice for me to pay.


5. Nemanja Maksimovic (AML, AMR) – Loaned from Verona


Nemanja Maksimovic is the one whom I missed creating my Wonderkid list for FM 2014.
I am happy to see Serbian talent in the team at least in loaned status. High Work Rate, Determination in a bundle with Off The Ball, Passing, and Flair look very promising. I feel Maksimovic can be a special inside forward lacking speed but having nearly all other attributes at pretty high level.

Wage of $1.5K per week… I am pleased :)


6. Brian Behrendt (DC, DMC) - Free


German centre back who will really add value to Dresden defensive line. I like Behrendt for his pretty young age and good defensive skills. Brian should for Dresden trio of central defenders together with Bregerie and Leistner.

What I also like is that one of my scouts sees he can potentially grow into decent Bundesliga player.


7. Marcus Piossek (AMR) – Free


Piossek joined Dynamo Dresden in a status of Munster leader in the third division. I do hope his Passing and Creativity will bring lots of assists. It’s unlikely he will score much according to levels of Finishing and Composure. But anyway this guys still have all chances to become a main Dresden AMR.

8. Petar Sliskovic (SC) – Free


Replacement option for Sascha Molders in front of attacking moves. Petar certainly lacks technical skills but should be very good in air. Take a look at his Height and add Jumping Reach. It’s very important because my goalie and even Dresden central backs prefer to make long passes in direction of central forward.

What I also like that Sliskovic has a good Finishing and Composure, the highest in Dynamo Dresden. It promises he won’t be so poor in front of the goal as Pote in the first half of season.


9. Kevin Muller (GK) – Loaned from Stuttgart


Backup goalie from parent club Stuttgart loaned for free.

10. Andre Mandt (WBL) – Free


Young prospect from Leverkusen. His native club decided not to offer new contract. I didn’t understand my they through away such a nice left wing back.


The following two players Scholl and Shahinyan were signed just for prospect and sent to Dresden U19.

11. Lucas Scholl (MC, AMC) – Free


12. Sargis Shahinyan (DMC, MC) – Free


Transfer campaign summary

So these players joined Dynamo Dresden:


Level of happiness about signings : 90%.

Let me explain why it’s only 90%. I didn’t manage to find a good versatile wing back who would be able to play at both flanks. Though transfer window is not closed yet, so perhaps I will be able to sign some backup player of that type.

Another reason I wanted to find better striker who can not only score goals and win headers but also be an efficient ball dribbler.

In total I can assure you Dresden squad strength improved quite much making a step to the new level.


Wages. Better than before transfer campaign

Squad strength increased, payroll budget usage even decreased. It makes me more confident in the way how Dynamo Dresden should develop to make promotion in a couple of seasons.
Now take a look at all wages with Ability and Potential shown for every player:
Financially Dresden looks very good now. $5.8M balance for club with estimated value of $13M… well, I bet it would be hard to find similar instance.

Season 2 hopes


Despite all predictions you see above, top-half finish is must.

Hopefully, I will be able to struggle for promotion this season. This can be possible only if Dresden will be higher at the 10th line after the first half of the season. The second half should turn into time interval when I will take full advantage of the squad revolution .

Additionally, I’d like to mention it will be indeed interesting to play against new teams in the league:
  • Augsburg
  • Braunschweig
  • Leipzig (East German derby!)
  • Heidenheim
  • Duisburg
Topics for following blog posts:
  • Season 2 start
  • Review of Dresden tactics
  • Bundle of customized views I created and use in FM 2014.
So just stay tuned :)

Hope to read your opinion about the transfer campaign.

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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