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First Dynamo Dresden transfers

Dear friends,

I told you about staff changes in the last post, now it’s time to share with more exciting information regarding sold and bought players. I had to work very hard on the transfer market being bounded by club budgets. Transfer budget was simply zero what meant I can just sign free players…

This is how team report screen looked before transfer campaign:



By the way, I tried to ask the board about additional funding but they rejected. I can understand club balanced decreased to –$2M due to many club expenditures including bank loan repayments. They have nothing to do with it.

Interaction with Dresden board

Boyata went to my former club in FM 2013

Boyata goes to Nottm Forest

Prior to reporting about player sales and signings, I’d like to share my regrets of lost fight for central back Dedryck Boyata. What an irony! He opted Nottm Forest, club I managed in Football Manager 2013.

Players out


As it was promised in the squad analysis blog post, I sold Losilla and Pote. These players can strengthen any Bundesliga 2 but they can’t merely fit into my tactical approach.

My largest wish was to sell Adnan Mravac, wage eater ($11.25K per week) and poor defender. Nobody wanted him to buy or even loan because of large salary requirements. Nevertheless, participation in the transfer deadline day did help. Clubs are maximally active during that day and I’ve got lucky getting loan offer from Aue for Mravac and another unneeded defender Thorsten Schulz.

I can’t affirm it was a total success but it’s more or less finished sale campaign. I didn’t manage to loan out Idir Ouali and Tobias Kempe whose contracts are running over in summer. Both guys go on Bosman rule to other clubs. Kempe had an enormous wage request, totally above payroll budget of Dynamo Dresden.

Total efficiency of player sales this winter: 75%

Here are some methods that did work out:

- Help by director of football. He was good in loaning out few players.

- Offering to clubs for sale and loan.

- Active participation in the transfer deadline day.


Players in


In one word: it was difficult. Playing Nottm Forest or especially Q.P.R. was much easier thing due to high budgets for transfers and impressive wage limits. This time I had to search for those players who can be signed on free and would be quite modest in their financial expectations.

There were two effective methods.

- Offering numerous trials. I had around 20 free players in trial. Surely I played many friendlies to evaluate each player and sign contracts only with the best guys.

- Inexpensive loans. It’s when you loan in some player for half of his wage for instance. My best loan here is Roger. His club agreed to remain paying him wages by themselves :) So I have a good defender for free :)

1. Herman Stengel (MC) – Free

One of wonderkids in my list!

Herman Stengel in Football Manager 2014

It was a real luck to win fight for this guy. $10.75K is pretty much for 18-year old prospective midfielder but I believe in his prospect. Moreover, my scout tells me Stengel can become a leading First Division MC. High Work Rate and Determination should help him to develop during trainings and matches.


2. Roger (DC, MC) – Loan

Roger in FM 2014

As mentioned above, Dynamo Dresden doesn’t pay any penny to Roger. He just needs match practice. I like to have an option to use him as central midfielder. Though he will be more frequent as central back strengthening the defensive line.

PPMs of Roger

3. Vincenzo Iaquinta (SC) – Free

Vincenzo Iaquinta in FM 2014

Famous Italian striker Vincenzo Iaquinta agreed to play a half of season in Dynamo Dresden. Low wage, high mental and technical skills, huge experience promise that it’s a good deal!

4. Abdoulaye Meite (DC) – Free

Abdoulaye Meite in FM 2014

Abdoulaye Meite played for my team in Football Manager 2008. It was Southampton story. So I was glad to sign him to strengthen defence. Yes, he’s not a super reliable centre back and lacks Concentration, Decisions, Tackling. But I see his other attributes are still quite high.

5.  Matthew Bates (DC) – Free

Matthew Bates in FM 2014

First British player in Dynamo Dresden under my management :) Well I signed him for a half of year to have an option in case of injuries. Decent backup defender.

6. Matthias Cuntz (MC) – Loan


Low-waged loan of Trier leading midfielder. He will strengthen my substitution bench.

7. Neil Kilkenny (MC) – Loan


Another loan intended for substitution bench. Though I have some pleasant memories regarding Kilkenny. The Australian was among the player set of initial Leeds United squad in my FM 2010 story.

8. Maxym Imerekov (DC) – Free


Just a cheap backup defender. Ukrainian nationality is always a plus for me. You know why :)

Transfer campaign totals


It’s truly significant we hold on $182K line of payroll budget being below given limit. It was one the most important targets pursued by me. Only talented Herman Stengel got more than $10K and appeared in top 4 wage eaters of Dresden.

Here I have the full list of current wages for you:


Squad strength increased but not actually that much as I expected before January. The following targets were successfully achieved:

  • Now I have a plenty of central midfielders for selection and can vary depending on opponent strengths and weaknesses.
  • Defensive line received 4 new players and looks better.

As for disappointments, I failed to bring new wing backs to club to make more competition for my WBR and WBL. Also, transfer campaign didn’t finish so fine for Dresden strikers. I hoped to bring some one very good instead of Mickael Pote. However, it was extremely tough to attract good forwards to play in Dynamo Dresden.

Total efficiency of signings: 70%


So how do you like these transfers? What mistakes did I do in your opinion?


Stay tuned. Dresden story continues!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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