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First consequences of squad revolution

Hello dear readers,

Thank you for joining me again. It’s awesome you continue reading the blog and following latest story events. If you are new visitor, then you should it’s Dynamo Dresden story in FM 2014. And today I will tell you about the first matches of season 2 played just right after summer squad revolution.

6 league matches and 1 cup game have already been played in the season:



Dresden matches

Why I play friendlies against Reserve teams of Bundersliga

I have been asked recently twice about friendlies and actually about my choice of opponents. I prefer to arrange friendly games with second teams of Bundesliga clubs because of two reasons:

  • Reserve squad are weak and allow to win easily increasing player morale level, improving fitness.
  • At the same time Dresden receives $275K for each match giving out $110-130K only to another team. So it’s the most profitable option of friendlies. Best deal, in short.

Now let’s get to the first official game.

Karlsruhe – Dynamo Dresden 1:2

It’s a bit ironic but I had to play start the 2nd season playing against the same opponent – Karlsruhe. Most of you remember my debut in Dresden last season with absolutely surprising 6:1 victory. This time we could potentially win with a big score but didn’t seize on all opportunities.


Match 2. Bizzare 0:4 loss to Padeborn

I was going to grab the second win and join top of the league after two fixtures. Suddenly, Dresden was bowled over by solid Paderborn team. I had to analyse reasons of such poor defeat and came to several conclusions:

  • Tackling by Paderborn was simply great - 93%
  • They had keen attacking moves creating more clear cut chances.
  • My players were inefficient having nothing of 8 corners.
  • All Dresden attackers underperformed.

But according to match stats, it was more or less equal game, isn’t it?




Convincing victory over rivals

Dresden Leipzig

There’s nothing more pleasant than victory over another East German club. Leipzig promoted to Bundesliga 2 last season and thusly were underdogs in this encounter.

There was no a single minute when I could hesitate in victory, so convincing advantage Dynamo Dresden had. 4:1 score and brilliant player stats became my award.



Hottest injury time of Dresden story so far

Dresden - Ingostadt

Wow, that was really cool. Quite confident performance during whole match suddenly was broke by stupid own goal by one Dresden leaders Sebastian Schuppan. It happened on the 91th minute during injury time. I was embarrassed but Schuppan made a good corner cross in 20 seconds till match end and Petar Sliskovic saw me sighing with relief.


Watch all goals including own goal by Sebastian Schuppan

Under tactical lens (new!)

Under tactical lens – that’s how this new blog post section. It corresponds to primary target set for Dresden story at the very beginning:

Build such set of tactics that allows to beat stronger teams with weaker squad

From this moment I am going to provide blog posts with some special sort of information about played games. Actually, it’s short review of how successfully I am following my primary target. There were two good results achieved due to my tactical efforts. Especially I would like to single out 1:1 draw against Dusseldorf.




Squad strength


Karlsruhe A 2:1 Weaker Tactical win. Our 22 shots against their 9 shots.
Paderborn H 0:4 Equal Strange defeat in equal game
Lubeck H 5:0 Much weaker Easy one
Dusseldorf A 1:1 Stronger Tactical draw against stronger opponent
Leipzig H 4:1 Weaker Superb victory
St. Pauli A 1:3 Stronger Fair loss. St.Pauli are in too good form now
Ingolstadt H 2:1 Equal Dramatic win despite complete advantage.

League table

Bundesliga table

Top-half position look like a nice season start as for me. All clubs go tightly in the table after six fixtures. So no one know where that or another club will finish in spring. I bet it’s going to be an entertaining season!

Dresden players and their process of blending

imageDresden players 2

Now I have better squad than the initial one. However, fresh bright impressions were, as you understand, mixed with some kind misunderstanding between players signed in summer. Squad revolution consequences… well, that’s normal.

Talking about personalities, I can state I am somewhat disappointed by Brian Behrendt (DC) and Oliver Hein (MC). I expected perform from these German footballers better performance at the start. It’s also sad that highly promising attacking midfielder Marko Pavlovski had got injured and didn’t play a single match so far.

Best progress in adaptation was shown by Alvaro Ampuero (AML, WBL), Marcus Piossek (AMR) and Sascha Molders (SC). The latter was even awarded in August.


Defenders. Analysis of conceded goals (new!)

I have prepared the second new blog section for you today. It’s about mistakes and conceded goals in all matches. This season I decided to pay more attention to these things. Every goal is analysed, all mistakes are noted and

Karslruhe 2:1. Penalty kick due to dirty slide by Toni Leistner.

Padeborn 0:4.

  • Gueye. Bad tackling 12/6.
  • Behrendt. Lost header.
  • Goal from free kick.
  • Gueye and Hein tackling ball to opponent's feet

Dusseldorf 1:1. Behrendt. Poor marking.

St. Pauli 1:3

  • Behrendt. Closing down mistake
  • Free kick caused by unnecessary tackle of Ampuero.
  • Quick and easy combination through center. Sleepy defensive line at all.

Ingolstadt. Stupid own goal by Schuppan.

So as you see Brian Behrendt was a main looser and unconfident performer in defence.


Upcoming matches


Two home games with Union Berlin are standing out for me now. I would love to win both of them bearing in mind Union Berlin are one of league favourites.

I can’t also wait till matches with new league clubs Heidenheim, Duisburg, and more strong Augsburg, Braunschweig. Just continue to follow Dresden story. Moreover, next blog post will be about current Dresden tactics created during the previous season.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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