Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Contract negotiations in FM 2014

Contract negotiations in FM 2014

I am kind of interested how you like changed contract negotiation process in FM 2014. I find it the most complicated and tricky comparing to previous FMs. Still feel like I don’t completely understand all features there.

Anyway I can give a couple of tips from my winter transfer window experience with Dresden:

  • Giving Team of the Year bonus helps to ease agent requirements for player.
  • Increasing Loyalty bonus allows to decrease salary. However, the bonus money is taken from transfer budget then.
  • Increasing Goal or Cleen sheet bonus helps just a little bit.

What I don’t really like is quite high appearance fees. They increase club expenditures on bonuses quite much. How do you deal with that?

May be you have any other helpful advices to FM community regarding contract negotiations. You are welcomed to share them via comments!

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