Thursday, 28 November 2013

Staff changes in Dresden

Hello my dear readers,

I am ready to report about all staff changes during my first active transfer window. I was always thinking that a set of coaches, scouts and physios is not less important than squad. According to real life, every new Football Manager improves simulation level of training and player search process. That’s why first and foremost I made all my staff signings prior to player transfers.

Dresden staff before January




Staff revolution

My initial plan was:

  • Terminate contracts with lots of quite poor Dresden staff members
  • Sign a new assistant coach
  • Sign a director of football
  • Sign coaches
  • Sign scouting team
  • Sign Dresden 2 and U19 head coaches and assistant managers
  • Sign some other staff if necessary

It was completely fulfilled and Dynamo Dresden got a real staff revolution after all. First look who left the club:

Staff out

Sure, some part of balance went onto repayments for mutual termination of contracts.

I was quite fast with signing new staff members. Started this process on December, 23 and finished on January, 5. Here are all made signings:

New Dresden staff

Here you can see some formerly famous footballers like Peter Schmeichel and Nigel Winterburn. Peter got an arduous position and will help me to sell out unneeded players as director of football.

Peter Schmeichel in Football Manager 2014

Nigel Winterburn is a just simple U19 coach. I recall he was a very good full back in Arsenal managed by me in Championship Manager 97/98 long ago :)

Nigel Winterburn in Football Manager 2014

Scouting overview

6 new scouts began their work with passion. Currently I am giving lots of “Get Scout Report” requests to my scouting team. Scouts seem to be very important in FM 2014, more than in any other previous games.

Scouting overview in FM 2014



Add 6 new scouts to the screenshot because my laptop’s screen resolution doesn’t allows to bring full staff widget for you anyhow. So you see almost all slots are used. By the way, Dresden board accepted my requests to enlarge coaching and scouting teams.

Coaching levels for training process were increased of course.

New Dresden coaches


New Dresden staff and their salaries


You can compare it with the first two screen shots above.

There is one of the most valuable and smart things I made during staff search and signings:

I tried to save some money on wages setting Reputation filter to Unproven or Obscure in staff search screen.

It worked out and allowed to economize bringing quite good staff members to Dynamo Dresden.

Further transfer campaign


Just affiliated with Stuttgart and hope to get some decent free loaned players from their Reserves. However, they have only three loan-listed players for now.

It’s still the middle of January in Dynamo Dresden story and I am working very hard to improve squad strength. It’s much harder than it was with Nottingham Forest (my FM13 team) and Q.P.R. (FM12) because of club debt before bank and low budgets.

I faced a problem when majority of my transfer-listed players doesn’t attract any interest from other clubs. Peter Schmeichel helped me out to sell one of them but it doesn’t look how I imagined. My wish was to name a next blog post as Squad Revolution or something like that. But now I am not sure if it can really happen… Just stay tuned. Next post is going to be about Dresden transfers.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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