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How friendly games can be important at the start

Hello dear readers,

After in-depth team analysis I arranged as many friendly matches as I could. It’s significant for two simple reasons:

  • Raise player fitness and morale levels. The latter is increased only if you win in friendlies. This why it’s more logical to play against weaker teams :)
  • Boost tactic familiarity growth. It’s a common thing which is hugely important in Football Manager. You should schedule maximal level of match training with Tactics Only focus until familiarity for all your tactics remains below maximum.

Training scheduling in FM 2014


Talk with Dresden board about philosophy

As I promised I will stick to direct passing style with long balls and target man ahead. So Dresden board was informed about that in the following talk.

FM 2014 Direct Passing philosophy

Captaincy problem


The first serious mistake I made in Dynamo Dresden story. Current captain Romain Bregerie was not the best candidate for this role. Thusly I gave away captain band to more experienced Cristian Fiel with his Leadership=18 and Determination=17. Explanation chat with Bregerie didn’t go well and as a result the former captain got furious and unhappy.

He is totally alienated and doesn’t want to talk with anymore. Bregerie’s morale level dropped at the lowest Abysmal level.


I tried new feature when you can ask captain and vice-captain to have a chat with unhappy player but it didn’t work out. I mean I didn’t even see whether that asked chat between new captain and Bregerie had happened. No effect.

Have you managed to arrange successful chat between captain and unhappy player in FM 2014?

Sky Bet odds

They predict me to fight against relegation. Well we’ll see. It’s too early to say something as for me, but obviously Dresden has no chances to promote to Bundesliga in the first season.


Results of friendlies


It was a good series of first matches. It’s kind of exceptional for me but all games were watched in Comprehensive mode. Normally I didn’t participate in friendly matches giving out right to rule the team to my assistant manager. But I can’t allow myself to skip friendlies at the very beginning of the story when I have no any tactics, good squad and feeling how FM14 match engine works.

That’s why I thought over tactical ideas and created 3 initial tactics.  Long-time blog readers know I don’t like to share much about tactics until I feel it works well and makes me proud. That’s why I can uncover formation of my first tactic for now:



First official match. Show of Zlatko Dedic!

Wow! What a show in the first match! I could have never expected such kind of match and 6:1 win even over one of the weakest league teams. My striker Zlatko Dedic manage to score 5 goals and get 10.0 match rating! Thank you Zlatko, thank you five times! :)

Counter-attacking tactic worked like a charm. Dresden story seems to be very optimistic at the very beginning!



Watch all goals. Two of them scored with lobs from Dedic

The third goal is just masterpiece of counter-attack arranged by long kick from keeper. And the fifth one is a result of a single counter-attacking run by Dedic from own pitch half.


FM 2014 gameplay impressions

In the end I would like to write tell some thoughts about gameplay in the new Football Manager. It’s just awesome. The most impressive thing as for me is new User Interface with much of integration into News subsystem. I love it!

Among other positives:

Close camera. I have been always dreaming of this camera type. It’s so great to see player close in action. It helps to percept his moves better than ever. Moreover, now I can even see player numbers on t-shirts. Good job SI!

Tactical overhaul. New tactical system is much more realistic and pleasant for use than sliders.

Press conferences. Short, interesting and nice.

Opponent team report summary.

What I dislike is a set of bugs in the match engine including poor tackling of defenders. It’s quite raw as for me.

And what your first impressions after playing FM 2014 for a couple of weeks? What’s your favourite feature? Write in the comments below.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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