Thursday, 14 November 2013

FM 2014 Shortcut Sheet

Hello everybody who decided to join True Football Manager blog today!

I am a real fan of keyboard shortcuts in any software including games. It’s often so convenient to use key combinations instead moving mouse and then clicking. I think most of you have this feeling as well. That’s why today I would like to share Football Manager 2014 shortcuts. What’s the point, you can ask. We all can easily go to Preferences->Shortcuts and find all of them there. Yes, but I cannot stop thinking it’s not really convenient if you want to learn FM 2014 shortcuts maximally.

That’s why I placed all FM 2014 shortcuts at the single page in this blog for you.

Going to bookmark the post for myself because some of helpful shortcuts are still forgotten by me from time to time. For instance, Team Stats and Player Stats in Competition section or Team Instructions in Team section.


Interface   Team   Game  
Navigate Back Backspace
Left Arrow
Squad F3 Continue Space
Navigate Forward Right Arrow Matches F10 Status Shift+G
Search Ctrl+F Tactics Ctrl+T Go on Vacation Ctrl+Shift+V
Subscribe/unsubscribe to currently viewed item Shift+Z Team Instructions Ctrl+Shift+I Save Game Ctrl+S
Previous item Ctrl+Left
Player Instructions Ctrl+Shift+Y Save Game As Ctrl+Shift+S
Next item Ctrl+Right Set Pieces Ctrl+Shift+P Load Game Ctrl+O
Add to Bookmarks Ctrl+D Training Ctrl+R Exit FM Alt+F4
Toggle Full Screen Alt+Enter
Training: Players Ctrl+U    
Create Note Ctrl+K Coaching Advice Ctrl+B    
Save Screenshot Alt+F9        
Change Preferences Shift+P        
Help F1        


Club   Competition   World  
Information F11 League Standings Ctrl+L Overview Ctrl+Shift+W
Transfer Centre Ctrl+F9 Matches/Results Ctrl+Shift+K Nations Ctrl+Shift+J
Transfer History F9 News Ctrl+Shift+E Major Clubs Shift+X
Scouting: Overview F7 Transfer Rumours Ctrl+Shift+Q Transfers Ctrl+W
Scouting: Knowledge Ctrl+F7 Team Stats Ctrl+Shift+D Head Coaches Shift+N
Staff: Members F8 Player Stats Ctrl+Shift+G Awards Shift+Y
Staff: Responsibilities Ctrl+Shift+T Awards Ctrl+Shift+H    
Finances: Summary Shift+O        
Finances: Expenditure Shift+E        
Finances: Income Shift+I        
Finances: Salary Shift+W        
Finances: Projection Shift+!        
Boardroom: Overview Ctrl+Shift+B        
Boardroom: Confidence Ctrl+Shift+L        


Head Coach   Match  
Home F2 Speed: Fast Shift+L
Inbox F4 Speed: Medium Shift+K
Shortlist F6 Speed: Low Shift+J
Search Players F5 Camera: Zoom In K
Search Recently Viewed Players Ctrl+Shift+X Camera: Zoom Out L
Subscriptions Ctrl+M Camera: Reset Zoom R
Calendar Shift+C Camera: Move rail camera left N
Job Centre Ctrl+J Camera: Move rail camera right M
Notebook Shift+T    


My favourite FM 2014 shorcuts

By the way, my favourite frequently used FM 2014 shortcuts are:

  • Shortlist – F6
  • Inbox – F4
  • Home – F2
  • Squad – F3
  • Matches – F10
  • Tactics – Ctrl + T
  • Training – Ctrl + R
  • All simple navigation shortcuts


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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