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Dynamo Dresden review, FM 2014

Hello dear readers,

Dynamo Dresden story has already been started and I am glad to represent my club review just right now. I feel it’s better to begin with the most interesting part – current squad.

Squad review


Dresden have 3 more or less decent goalies at its disposal what makes me quite pleased. Interesting that all three guys are German 26-year footballers. Benjamin Kirsten is an icon player of Dresden who has been performing in the club since 2008. He will definitely be placed in the first eleven. Closest substitute is Nico Pellatz, fairly professional person with Good levels of Bravery and Work Rate.

Benjamin Kirsten



Let me begin with flank backs. Right defender position can be taken over by either physically strong Cheikh Gueye or fairly professional and more mentally developed Christoph Menz. Meanwhile Dresden has only one really good defender at the left flank and his name is Sebastian Schuppan. The player looks impressive having very flat but high set of all attribute values. Definitely looks like one of the best wing backs in Bundesliga 2!

Versatile Thorsten Schulz is able to replace player at any flank. I always like to have such kind of universal flank backs.

Sebastian Schuppan


Now centre backs, let’s overview them all. First one who strikes my eyes is current Dresden captain Romain Bregerie. The former ex-Metz and ex-Bordeaux central defender is mostly good as limited defender, though his Tackling is just 12. However, another French DC Anthony Losilla looks even better due Resolute personality and higher Passing level. As for the other candidates to play at the centre of defence, they don’t impress me at all.

Romain Bregerie



Above-mentioned Christoph Menz should be more appropriate for DMC and MC positions than for DR. That’s why I can forecast his competition for starting eleven with experienced 33 years old Christian Fiel whose mental and technical skills are surprisingly highly developed. By the way, He is also the best candidate to play as MC. Though everybody understands age and lack of speed can have great significance after all.

Christian Fiel


Fiel’s leadership hints who should become a new Dresden captain ;)

Fillip Trojan. The Czech Republic player is technical and determined midfielder who can be placed in the first eleven at ML, AML, AMR, AMC positions. It’s nice he runs with ball often and make crosses from flank.

The top valued player is Zlatko Dedic, $3.6M. It’s two times more than price of striker Mickael Pote mentioned below. However, I wouldn’t say Dedic is good for anything but playing as Inside Forward or Poacher. And it’s a still big question whether I am going to use inside forwards with Dresden. Similar things can be sad about Algerian Idir Ouali. He possess great Acceleration (18) and good Pace (15) to be quite dangerous on the flanks. But his Teamwork equals to 7, Passing equals to 9…

Tobias Kempe – 23 years old super-versatile midfielder whom I certainly should use in starting line-up. The German can play well as MC, MR, ML, AMC, AML, AMR… Wow!

There is also Robert Koch who looks more like candidate for substitution bench. Although he has been in the club since 2009 and deserved to become one of the favourite personnel. The best thing about him as for me: both feet are strong.

Tobias Kempe




Beside already mentioned Dedic, I can single out physically strong Mickael Pote first and foremost. He is my true hope to implement long balls and target man scheme. He tends to play with back to goal. Though I understand Pote lacks Teamwork and Work Rate which are normally important for good collaboration on a pitch.

Algerian Amine Aoudia is not so fine as Pote but looks like decent substitute anyway. Soufian Benyamina is not worser than Aoudia in my mind. Therefore he should be often guest in the first eleven player set. 20 years old Thobias Muller looks like a weaker striker due to low Finishing and Composure. His destiny to come out as replacement at least in this season…

Mickael Pote


Team report


Comparison with other league squads

I can’t boast with squad strength comparatively to other Bundesliga 2 clubs. Dynamo Dresden has the best average ratings in:

  • Teamwork, 3rd
  • Leadership, 3rd
  • Heading, 3rd
  • Aggression, 4th
  • Acceleration, 5th

The weakest attributes in fact:

  • Tackling, 18th (worst in the league)
  • Positioning, 18th (worst in the league)
  • Decisions, 17th
  • Passing, 16th

Such levels of significant attributes seem very disturbing. I feel Dresden is very limited in tactical choice. I don’t know if I can make a risky decision to play direct long ball football with so low Passing and Decisions. We’ll see how they settle in my tactical approach…

See the full comparison with other clubs:



Defense is certainly Dresden’s weakest area now. Meanwhile strikers look pretty well for Bundesliga 2 level. The above-shown Attack comparison definitely underlines this thought.

The first half of the season will be very tough because I am not going to make tactics according to existing players. This time my tactical scheme will be based on my ideas independently of current squad strengths and weaknesses.

I dream to create a star team but not team of stars!



I decided to skip the first transfer window, so I am not interested in money for transfers till winter. However, club balance and payroll budget are always significant and my eyes should be kept on this part of Dresden finance.

Now let’s take a look at the player wages.


Stadium and facilities


Dynamo Dresden has enough space to grow in different facilities, especially training. Everything is pretty average and I can hardly await for high progress in player development or prospective youngsters from club academy…

At least the stadium is pretty good for Bundesliga 2 team. Though I am quite surprised to see that 32-thousand stadium has only 19502 seats. Anybody knows, is it normal? Can it be visited by additional 13000 of fans who just remain standing for whole matches?


Slovakian assistant coach Peter Nemeth is of really average level but costs $4400 per week. Compare his salary with other most earning staff:

  • Director of Football Steffen Menze – $2500 p/w
  • U19 coach Marco Foster – $1600 p/w
  • Coach Nico Dabritz – $1300 p/w
  • Fitness coach Christian Canestrini – $1000 p/w

But the only indeed worthful staff member, according to attribute levels, is Thomas Kohler, goalkeeper coach who receives wage of $750 per week only.

By the way, I am not going to make any staff changes as well as squad changes till winter transfer window.


Dresden league history


Dynamo Dresden had a real roller-coaster between leagues in the beginning of the century. I hope Bundesliga promotion is achievable in three years.

Whether will I able to return Dresden to its glory then as I did for Nottingham Forest in FM 2013? That’s a question! And I am not ready to answer it right now. My ‘down to earth’ approach hints me to concentrate on league survival during the first season…

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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