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Relegation fighters? Hope – no!

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First and foremost I would like to say how I’m happy about Ukraine – France match. Our boys deserved and their wise head coach Mikhail Fomenko did deserve that. It was a good job on neutralising explosive Franck Riberi! Hope reply match won’t be very nervous and Ukrainian national team will qualify into World Cup 2014!


Dresden story is picking up speed. It’s a pleasure for me to share the report about first official matches by Dynamo Dresden under my management. I cannot boast of good results but certainly look into future with optimism. Even having 8 points after 9 played fixtures.



Impressions of Bundesliga 2


5 defeats, 2 draws, 2 wins. Not so bad. Board is satisfied and I feel comfortable to experiment with tactics. For example, one of three tactics created before the season has been seriously modified from 5-1DM-2-2 into 5-2-2-1 with two inside forwards. I am not ready to share tactical schemes for now because I am in search of good ideas how to use target man and long balls efficiently.

Another thing disallowing me from sharing my FM14 tactics is poor Dresden squad. It’s just weak and lacks many players who could be adapted and work together as a star team. So let’s wait till winter transfer window, I need some time for squad rebuilding.

Commenting played fixtures, I can say it was quite tough to survive 4 losses in a row. Morale level of all players dropped down to Very Poor and Abysmal. You understand my feelings that moment. Luckily, I’ve got the idea to arrange friendly game against 1860 Munchen helping out Dresden players to lift their chins up a bit. This match and increased tactic familiarity resulted in 4 vital points in the next two league fixtures…

Worst match


Main cause of this terrible defeat is a total weakness of defence multiplied by injury of main goalie. Central backs looked  worst of all in the team and continue to perform poorly :(

Best match. Aalen – Dresden 1:2

The next screenshot is one of multiple new FM 2014 features. Surely I answered ‘yes’ but then realized matched with Aalen was moved to September, 18 just right before game with Furth on September, 20…



We lost to Furth without chances having really tired squad. However, Dresden team felt taste of victory two days before against Aalen. It was the best match of all reported interval (6:1 win over Karlsruhe was described in the previous Dresden story blog).

By the way, it was a case when new formation with Counter-Attacking mentality helped to beat popular 4-1DM-2-2-1.

image image

Dresden players

Former captain Bregerie became an unbearable rebel after captaincy transfer to Fiel and was sent on loan therefore.


So I used the following players in Bundesliga 2 matches. Some of them were promoted from Reserves: defenders Leistner and Sabah, midfielder Stefaniak.


My first impressions of Dresden players are not great and correspond to their average ratings. I have only one player who was quite good and stable during starting fixtures: wing back Cheikh Gueye. His physics help him to play well on the flank. Additionally, I can name goalie Benjamin Kirsten whose presence on pitch is vital for Dynamo Dresden. He is an icon player for Dresden fans.

More or less decent performances were shown by hard-working midfielder Christoph Menz and flamboyant attacking midfielder Filip Trojan. I think these guys will remain in the squad after winter transfer window.

Mainly players didn’t make me excited. Poacher Zlatko Dedic was unstable. Meanwhile his partner Mickael Pote managed to score only once having 1-2 clear cut changes almost every game. He is good as target man and wins lots of headers. But it seems he only settles in the role prepared for him and therefore fails good moments.

Cheikh Gueye

Cheikh Gueye in Football Manager 2014

Dresden, we have two problems


This long-term injury of captain Christian Fiel and following injury of Tobias Kempe left the team almost without central midfielders! And I have 2 MCs in all three tactics at the moment. Thusly, I am obliged to use Menz, Losilla, and Trojan there. The last one has unconvincing level as central midfielder…

Central Midfielder

Problem #2 is weak, very weak defence. My defensive line became the worst in the league after loss of Bregerie.


Next Bundesliga 2 fixtures

Future matches

My next targets till winter transfer window:

  • Reach maximum of tactic familiarity levels. Now all my tactics has 70-85% fulfilled.
  • Try to remain above relegation zone in table standing.

Current results with so weak squad give me a hope on bright future. I should just wait a bit calmly for better squad that will have less shortcomings and be more suitable for my tactical ideas.

FM Scene Award

I would like to give the FM Scene Award to Bert for his Low League Management (LLM) Guide posted at FM Scout. I wished to manage LLM team like it was with Boston United in FM 2011 after reading this excellent article. Must read for any LL manager!

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