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Before first active transfer window in Dresden story

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Welcome back to Dresden story! It’s ran up to exciting moment – the first transfer window. I should confess I am going to be very active on a transfer market. At least as much as transfer and wage budget allow. The point is in that my Dynamo Dresden has a quite poor squad, especially defensive line. So I am going to rebuild it much creating foundation for further promotion into Bundesliga in two years or may be even next year.


Last matches in 2013

First of all I want to share the latest results Dresden had.


4 league games turned into one awesome away win, 2 draws and quite expected loss at Alianz Arena.

Well, I would be 100% pleased if we could seize on advantage in home games against Arminia Bielefield and Karlsruhe but Dresden attackers doesn’t play well in context of scoring goals. Especially I am worried by poor finishing of, as I was thinking before the season, the best Dresden forward Mickael Pote. He didn’t perform well as Target Man and doesn’t impress me in Complete forward role too. A certain candidate for sale in January despite being one of the best Dresden players in theory.

Numerous friendly matches brought some money into club and allowed to keep high morale level.

By the way, I play friendlies in Key 3D match mode for faster progress in the Game whereas league matches are watched in Comprehensive mode.

After 19 fixtures Dynamo Dresden is a confident occupant of the 12th position in the table. It means my previously set target to stay out of relegation zone till winter transfer window is completed.

Table standing - Bundesliga 2

Next Bundesliga match will be against Ingolstadt on February, 8. So I have huge amount of time to concentrate on a transfer campaign.

Dresden finances


Financial situation in Dresden is not nice. Our main expenditures are wage budget and bank loan repayment. They eat together nearly $1.3M of balance. Other costs like taxes, match day expenses, ground maintenance, etc. eat almost the same amount of money. Meanwhile highest income of gate receipts is just $1.1M per month… So it’s not a surprise to see balance so decreased since summer.

Another important thing before transfer window is a wage budget. I should be very careful with it.


Let’s analyse the squad stats

As I have already said I am going to work hard on a transfer market. One of my aims is a smart wage management. Those Dresden players who have highest wage have higher chances to leave the club in January.

Here’s full list of contracts with personality specified:



Personally I think squad analysis is impossible without review of statistical information. For that reason I create special customized view which gives much information about performance of players.



Unwanted list

According to the abovementioned stats and wages I formed list of those players who has been underperforming since season start.


Thorsten Schulz (WBR/WBL). He had no a single good game even during friendlies. Don’t like him at all.

Adnan Mravac (DC, WBL). Worthless as DC and WBL due to low Tackling level and speed abilities. At the same time his wage is $11.25K!

Antony Losilla (DC, MC). Despite all my hopes he has average rating of 6.46. I am disappointed twice because Losilla’s attributes are quite good.

Inside forward:

Idir Ouali (AML, AMR). Wage: $8.25K, average rating: 6.60.


Mickael Pote (SC). His wage is $11.25K whereas his goal ratio is just 6% (3 goals of 46 shots). Terrible performance. Pote can’t blend into my tactical approach at all!

I marked out just6 concrete players for departure from Dynamo Dresden but it doesn’t mean I cannot sell other guys. It depends a lot on opportunities during transfer window. Many current Dresden players can also leave the squad if I manage to sign better footballers. So it depends.

Positions to strengthen

In the end I’d like to emphasize the most weakest areas of Dynamo Dresden.

1. Central defenders


Losilla and Mravac will leave the squad. Certainly 2 or 3 new central defenders should arrive into Dresden instead.

2. Striker. Complete Forward role


Complete forward role demands a lot, and of course I have no any good players for it. But my target man type strikers play better in this role. There’s only one more or less suitable player – Amine Aoudia. I hope also Tobias Muller will be able to develop in a good forward in future. Other lads (Koch, Benyamina, Dedic) can perform well as inside forwards only.

3. 2 central midfielders

Central midfields

I simply have no enough number of central midfielders in the squad.


In addition to squad changes I plan to make many staff signings soon to optimize training and scouting processes in the club.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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