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Nottingham Forest story completed

Hi everybody,

I can congratulate you and you can congratulate me with the finished Forest story. Particularly, I’m proud of those blog readers who has been following the story since the very beginning.


So, now it’s time to report about outcomes in Champions League and Premier League.


Champions League semi-final

Mighty Milan staked on the careful and pragmatic football style in the first match. Meanwhile I decided to arrange as much attacking team as I can. Some trust was give to young Charly Boutin, he was placed given the deep-lying playmaker role and didn’t let down.

By the way, centre back Alexandar Milosevic is a former Forest player if you recall.

image image

As a result Italian grand club suffered from my Italian forward. Alessandro Promutico made a hat-trick and buried all hopes of Milan fans.


The reply match was not difficult. Though Milan players did try to put some pressure and ruled the game. We could play on counter-attacks only and one of them succeeded turning into goal by Belhanda. Nottingham Forest went to the CL final!


Champions League final

All of sudden, PSV beat twice PSG and became another CL finalist this season. It’s a large surprise for me and, to tell you the truth, luck for me. PSV has weaker squad. However, their success means they should be strong in team collaboration and work very well together.

Our previous meetings with PSV:


Road to the final



Nottingham Forest


Forest results look more convincing. PSV had several complicated matches including 3 defeats and decisive penalty shootout against Sporting in the first knockout round. So I was inspired by probable victory in the tournament this year.

Despite that my inspiration decreased due to injuries of Promutico and Hewitt.


In addition to these problems my main ball-winning midfielders Alexey Solodukhin got suspended for the final due to numerous yellow cards. So including Carlos Fierro with his long-term viral infection, I got four key man missing for the most important game of the season. Thusly, I had to choose between Rodrigo and McClair at striker position and decided to use more experienced Spanish forward.

image image

The first half turned into nearly equal football with a slight advantage for Nottm Forest. Unluckily, my players didn’t score, meanwhile right back Romario joined attack and found some free space after a collective mistake by Forest defensive line.

As normally for such cases, there was a feeling I have nothing to loose. Therefore 4-2-3-1 control tactics came into play. We easily brought pressure on PSV and began creating quite promising attacks. One of them completed with goal by Robert Perrett who had come out from substitution bench. Later on my team had to score approximately twice but their goalie Renan Ribeiro helped PSV to survive till penalties.

Penalty series began with two beautifully parried strikes by Steven Georcelin what made me breathing easier. And that’s it! Forest goalkeeper became a key player, he lifted Champions Cup then…

Dream has come true! It is the first Champions Cup for Nottm Forest since Brian Clough era!


Match stats:



Forest stats:


Premier League title is mine again


It was the most successful season. Nottingham Forest takes the second title in a row. There’s no sense to describe the latest Premier League matches because that was easy. You see 9-point distance to the second-placed Manchester United and understand Forest had no competition on the run to the finish line.




Nottingham Forest players

I merely love my players and their performance!


Won’t analyse them because I’m too excited.

Just for you information: Sigurdsson and Hewitt got deserved Premier League awards.


The End

It was the most successful Football Manager story in my life ever! It’s started with pragmatic approach with very low amount of experiments and completed with total success. Forest managed to grab four trophies in the season 9:

  • Champions Cup
  • Premier League
  • League Cup
  • Community Shield


As for the closest plans, there will be another post about Nottingham Forest in a form of total story review. And surely I will share my Forest save for you to play. Just wait a bit. I should find a place where I can upload almost 500 MB of Nottm Forest save file. Do you know any convenient one?

Thank you all, my dear blog readers, for following the story!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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