Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Let’s choose some FM 2014 club for me

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for participation in the poll. Starting in non-English leagues seems to be even more great idea than I expected.  I am excited to see 912 votes given for 4 countries during the single week. It’s quite much taking into account somewhat decreased activity of FM community in one month from large FM 2014 release. So thanks again. Guys, you’re really great!

As for the poll winner … drum roll… it’s Germany! Here’s the total resulting table of votes:

Poll #1 results


If you could be following poll results on daily basis, you would see such distribution of poll positions after the  first three hours when 50 votes were given away. Germany took lead from the very beginning and has been just leveraging gap from Italy.

To tell you the truth, I thought Spain would become a favourite in this poll. So Germany looks quite surprising as a winner. It underlines the fact their Bundesligas have been getting more and more popular.

Poll #2 is started

It took several hours and I selected 6 teams and you can vote for them only by means of top right widget at the blog. Poll #2 will run for one week as well. Its finish is planned at 08.10.2013 00:01 GMT.

Let me also explain choice of the clubs. Perhaps it can look a bit disappointing for some of you because it doesn’t includes teams like Koln, 1860 Munchen, or some other well-known names. The point is in that it’s very important for me to arrange a true challenge in future FM 2014 story. That’s why I decided I should start in Bundesliga 2 with one of bottom half clubs without large budgets. I feel it would be the best choice for me.

1. Dynamo Dresden

I am fan of Dynamo Kiev, and that might be a reason why I can like managing Dynamo from Dresden. I also like idea to bring the club from Eastern Germany into Bundesliga. They as former 7 times GDR champions have a great history!

2. Aalen

Small modest club with the smallest stadium (11169) looks very acceptable choice for me.

3. Arminia Bielefeld

Arminia deserves return to Bundesliga. Though they have just promoted to Bundesliga 2 and look like relegation candidates. It’s awesome challenge!

4. Karlsruher

Last year winner of Third German Division is certainly interesting case. I would manage this club. By the way, they have 2 won German Cups in 1955 and 1956 and had Bundesliga experience till 1998.

5. Paderborn

It looks like one of the toughest challenges because comparatively low financial level. Stadium capacity is just 15000 which is also good as a challenge. Love this variant actually!

6. Sandhasen

Sandhasen have been slowly making their way into Bundesliga 2. Now they have a chance to get firmly established here and, who knows, promote to the next level. I would like to help them in that.

Sandhasen stadium is one the smallest in the Second Bundesliga. It’s capacity is just 12,100!

Choose my destiny in FM 2014

So it’s up to you to choose. I think all suggested variants are equally good and you should think a bit before giving away your vote for that or another one of them.

Can’t wait to see what team will win in the poll!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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