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FM 2014 Best Features

FM 2014 Best Features

Hello dear blog readers,

There’s a temporary lull in the blog because I await FM 2014 and began to read about Dynamo Dresden in a real life, the club I will manage in the new Game. Meanwhile Sports Interactive Games have been posting detailed information about Football Manager 2014 features since the end of August. I decided not to ignore such a nice stream of news and has been selecting those I do like every week. Today I’d like to share my list of favourite FM 2014 features.

FM 2014 Best Features. My opinion

Improved 3D match engine with enhanced AI, more realistic player reactions, individual player character and kit models. A new 3D match camera called 'closecam'.

News system is overhauled, making it easier to use and a bit more appealing.

Includes “cloud-save” technology which means that you can now have access to a single career from any computer, anywhere in the world.


  • No sliders at all.  All the tweaking to your tactic will be done through roles and instructions.
  • 8 new player roles in FM 2014: half back, target flank man, limited full back, complete wing back, enganche, regista, false nine, shadow striker.
    • Limited Full Back - knows his strengths and weaknesses and focuses predominantly on his defensive duties, scarcely going forward into a more attacking role.
    • Complete Wing Back - loves to attack, and whilst he is capable of occupying his defensive duties, his natural inclination is to affect the game in the opposition’s defensive third.
    • Half Back - looks to serve a role somewhere between that of an aggressive sweeper and a defensive midfielder. With a half back, the central defenders themselves will push higher up the pitch while the half back drops deeper than a standard defensive midfielder and, in addition to his defensive duties, looks to offer an outlet for quickly recycling possession when the team’s attacking play breaks down.
    • Regista - a more aggressive version of the deep-lying playmaker suitable for possession-orientated systems that press high up the pitch. Given complete freedom to dictate play from deep positions, the regista offers a dynamic and unpredictable creative outlet from behind the attack who seeks to maintain intense pressure by constantly looking for new chances as his more advanced teammates get into goal scoring positions.
    • Enganche - the side’s prime creator, a hook that joins midfield and attack and operates behind the strikers and a playmaker who sticks to his position and becomes a pivot to his team as they move around him. It differs to the trequartista, who likes to roam from his position, drifting around and looking for space between the lines.
    • Flank Forward – (Wide Target Man) will be the main outlet for clearances and long balls from the back. Ideally positioned against a smaller and weaker full-back, he will be asked to get hold of the ball and keep it before recycling it to a team-mate.
    • Shadow Striker - operates as the team’s main goalscoring threat. Usually coupled with a deep-lying forward, the shadow striker aggressively pushes forward into goalscoring positions as the ball moves into the final third and looks to close down opposing defenders when out of possession.
    • False Nine - similar to a more advanced attacking midfielder/playmaker role, is an unconventional lone striker or centre-forward who drops deep into midfield. The purpose of this is that it creates a problem for opposing central defenders who can either follow him, leaving space behind them for onrushing midfielders, forwards or wingers to exploit, or leave him to have time and space to dribble or pick out a pass.

Team management and interaction

  • Staff will offer feedback on how reserve and youth team players are performing.
  • Managers can ask key players to have a chat with unhappy squad members.
  • Captains can be asked to resolve conflicts between two team mates.
  • Captains or vice-captains can be asked to help a teammate that is having personal problems.
  • Captains can be reprimanded after poor behaviour, reminding them that they should be role models for the other players.
  • If you want to replace your captain you can have a conversation with him and explain your reasons
  • You will be able to ask a player to sack his agent, will surely be useful if that agent is the greedy type.
  • You can make players available for both youth squads and reserves
  • You can congratulate a player on winning 1st cap or scoring 1st international goal. 
  • Promise to offer a player a new contract at the end of the season.
  • Privately congratulate player on winning a personal award

Performance analysis

  • Improved team report summary
  • Player individual report for recent matches.
  • On Player Coach report, clicking on position in player’s Position Panel updates the Position Rating.


  • Training overview page redesigned.
  • You can train players to develop as leaders.
  • FM 2014 training calendar you will have the ability to split days into Rest and Match Preparation.  
  • Train a player’s weaker foot.
  • Training facilities grading revamp.


  • Loan a player back to the club he’s just been bought from
  • Transfer centre were redesigned. 
  • The Director of Football will suggest a lower asking price if a player you place on the unwanted list can’t be sold for the initial value.
  • PIK (payment in kind) loans added in FM 2014. According to Wikipedia, PIK loan a  is a type of loan which typically does not provide for any cash flows from borrower to lender between the drawdown date and the maturity or refinancing date, not even interest.
  • Conditional loan repayments such as  ”repayable on Promotion to top division”
  • Non playable teams more active in the transfer market, particularly when likely to be promoted
  • AI to make use of affiliate clubs in loaning out players

Finances & Board interaction

  • Pre-season tours abroad will improve shirt sales.
  • You can schedule to play an European match at a bigger stadium if your own stadium is to small for such an event.
  • Transfer budget takes all clauses and bonuses into account.
  • Interaction with the board, you can discuss visions and also ask for more money for transfers and wages as a reward for being loyal to the club.
  • Marker in financial projection graph to indicate where the club are in relation to the approved budget.
  • Agent fees and pro-rated loyalty bonuses come out of your transfer budget.  Contract bonuses will be deducted from your wage budget.
  • Separate staff budget
  • Added Financial Fair Play tab on the finances screen.
  • Higher attendances after league title win despite playing lower reputation teams.
  • Merchandise sales boost for high-reputation clubs touring abroad.
  • Tooltips on Finance screen explaining various financial terms.

Player search & Scouting:

  • Filter player search results by Scout recommendation
  • Improved scouting assignments generating more reports
  • World map in the scouting assignments screen.
  • You can ask your Director of Football to find a player to play in a specific role or position.
  • Improved player recommendations for potential signings.

User Interface

  • 1368×768 windowed mode now supported in-game.
  • Stacked player status icons, click the top of the stack and you will see all the status icons relevant to that player.


  • German clubs are now 51% supporter owned, with the chairman voted for by the supporters. Any takeover is for the remaining 49% of the club.

Question to you

What FM 2014 features do you consider the best according to announcements from SI?

Or maybe you have already managed to play public Football Manager 2014 Beta and can share some impressions?

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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