Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dresden story targets and restrictions

I have never managed German clubs since Championship Manager 1997/98 which was my first experience with SI Games. So Dresden story will become my true debut in Germany, and I’m kind of excited about that. Going to be careful in the first season keeping in my mind tactical overhaul in Football Manager 2014. It would be very sad if I get sacked or relegated.

Primary target

I dream to build such set of tactics that allows to beat stronger teams with weaker squad. Grabbing tactical wins sounds as the most pleasant thing for me in FM 2014. In particular, I can’t wait to begin developing completely new approach with Dynamo Dresden. It’s going to be completely different from the one I played with Nottingham Forest in FM 2013 or other previous stories.

There’re several ideas in mind for implementation I can share with you now:

  • Long passing + use of Target man. Never had success playing old school British football previously.
  • Very Rigid philosophy to make each area (defence, midfield, attack) work separately but very efficient together.
  • Defensive line will be based on 3 centre backs.

Tournament targets

My first competition target is to promote to Bundesliga in three seasons. It’s pretty tough one taking into account my above-mentioned wish of experimenting with tactics. I am not sure if I should set exact targets for the following season at the moment… Though it would be logical to:

  • Promote to Europa League in 6 seasons
  • Win National Cup and Europa League in 7 seasons
  • Win Bundesliga and Champions League in 9 seasons

Transfer restriction

I would like to skip the first transfer window. Thusly, I can play half of the season using original Dresden players only and feel team spirit. It means you won’t see transfers in my story till winter 2014.

Financial target

It’s always good to follow finances understanding everything in details.   So the last Dresden target I am claiming is to keep healthy positive balance and don’t overrun wage budget. I’d also like to be careful with transfer budget this time.


Hope you’ll enjoy Dynamo Dresden story even more than my previous blogs about Nottm Forest in FM13, Q.P.R. in FM12, Boston United in FM11, etc. I’ll try to do my best to share experience and minds making true exciting Football Manager story.

Go Dresden!

Dynamo Dresden

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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