Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It just works

Hi guys,

Another Nottm Forest story update today! I managed to play a pack of matches after the unsure season start. My conclusions regarding overuse of rotation and your tips helped and worked as a magic. I decreased rotation trying to use only the best starting line up and it just worked out. As a result almost all games were confidently won including tough matches versus Man. City and Tottenham.

Nottm Forest story is definitely my best of all FM history! I am Ukrainian Brian Clough ;)


Forest matches



Forest forwards seize mistakes by Man City backs



Perhaps we can count ourselves a little bit lucky. Though my boys were more dangerous in attacks as you see from shots on target stats. My ‘down to earth’ approach based on the direct fluid 4-2-3-1 tactics worked out. Both Rodrigo and Fierro are in great form now and don’t forgive opponent’s mistakes.

Beating Sunderland as one of league leaders


One-way football actually. It’s difficult to understand how Sunderland climbed so high in the table if they cannot respond anyhow taking attacking storm from Nottm Forest during all 90 minutes of the game. It was a pleasure to see our attempts to score goals. The only problem for us was their goalie Thibaut Cortouis. He was so incredible making superb saves one by one. I even started to hesitate about our victory. But two final goals by Fierro and Kavanagh during the last 10 minutes made me calm.

Champions League

Ajax was merely helpless at the City Ground loosing with 7:2 score. Just look at the match stats.


It was more hard to win in Holland against them. But not so much to say about any serious problems happened in the reply match. Two victories over Ajax brought Nottm Forest onto the first line in the CL group. Now I can really relax about promotion to the next round :)




Excellent morale level and very good average ratings – these are results of the latest winning series. There are just few persons who underperform:

  • Luke Baillie is only on the way to adapt in the team.
  • Youngsters Malfeury, Skoric, Boutin have been playing without confidence for a while.

Thought all these guys doesn’t belong to Forest starting eleven. The best of them for the reported period is Carlos Fierro. You see he has 10 goals in 10 matches and 7.66 average rating.


Every his fourth shot ends with goal according to the stats below:


Upcoming matches


Quite easy November and tough December ahead. Can’t wait the row of games against big names in December. It will turn into a real test for Nottingham Forest ambitions this season.

Hope to find free time to play all these matches till the next week because I am very busy with my job now.

But you should stay tuned because I am striving to win CL and PL this season and make my Nottm Forest story save file available for you as soon as possible.

FM Scene Award


Since this post I am going to remind the most exciting things made by FM community participators. Just want to give you more helpful information and reward other people who are truly passionate about Football Manager and commit their efforts.

At first my FM Scene Award goes to Cleon Hobson who organized Clear Cut Chance e-magazine. It’s first edition was published something like two weeks ago and can be downloaded for free. There’re some exciting stuff in the journal, in particular Real Time Football Manager story. You should read it!


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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