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The 4th League Cup goes to Nottingham!

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Nottingham Forest story had a small progress during last week. Overloaded by my current job and with sudden FM 2014 announcement, I have managed to play one and half of a month since the last update. Nevertheless, I have some interesting story events to share with you. The most exciting one is certainly my fourth League Cup. 4 League Cups in 8 seasons for Nottingham Forest manager.

By the way, follow my achievements page, it’s updated after each season.


Nervous match with happy end


Certainly we didn’t deserve to play extra time and, in particular, take part in penalty shootout. However, sometimes it happens so when you excellent attackers get unlucky or opponent’s goalie becomes extremely inspired and makes lots of wonderful saves. Carlos Fierro and Will Hughes had to score more goals but failed.

Great composure was shown by Forest player during penalties. No-one made a mistake! The MoM award should have been given to my goalie Steven Georcelin who made two beautiful penalty saves and helped so much to win in the League Cup. The first trophy this season! Hopefully, not  the last one!


Watch the goals scored in the final:

Other matches


Quite good run I deem. The only sad outcome happened against Stoke. Their defensive efforts and goalkeeper Joe Lewis grabbed three points from me. However, I wouldn’t say Stoke played better football, I wouldn’t say they deserved the win…


Tough draw with Tottenham


Ye, Forest almost won this game, but the whole team should thank to Georcelin. We could concede three or even four goals if it were not confident saving performance by our goalie.

By the way, Tottenham is now managed by Russian head coach Leonid Slutskiy who prefers wide diamond 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

Easy win against Arsenal


Our title competitors gave up quickly. The point is in that former Nottm Forest midfielder Joe Allen made a two-footed slide and was sent off for that.

Forest attackers were struggling much to make shots on target but Ross Barkley rescue the team. And current Premier League table standing looks in the following way:


Champions League


Very good job was done in Germany against Dortmund. I wouldn’t probably say we were so much strong as it’s shown on the scoreboard. But higher class of Nottingham Forest players worked out. Mario Gotze turned out not so terrifying force as it seemed before the match…

Comfortable 2:0 away win gives us huge changes to participate in CL quarter finals.

More match stats for you:


Nottm Forest players


First and foremost, I am happy to see both Mitchell Hewitt and Chris Smalling recovered from injuries. They have already played two games together in the centre of defence. Despite brilliant performance of Stephen Kavanagh, the English couple remains my first choice.

I can praise Russian Alexey Solodukhin who completely displaced Dean Patterson from starting line-up. Marvellous defensive midfielder with good tackling abilities multiplied by high speed and acceleration on a pitch.

Mo Cairns – top performer last month


This guy grows into another superstar like Mitchel Hewitt. Injury of Gylfi Sigurdsson and Jip Lodewijk helped him to get more appearances than usually. Mo Cairns is a very good ball passer. I feel he can have more assists in the season and should become irreplaceable Forest player!!!


Future matches


I will play careful football against Dortmund using classic 4-4-2. Don’t want them to give any chance to revive intrigue.

As for Premier League, my boys are going for their first title despite any attempts from Man City, Man Utd, and Arsenal to hinder. I see it won’t be easy. I do hope title’s destiny will be resolved before the last fixture against Manchester City. By the way, if you look at the goal difference in the table, you will understand who is an explicit favourite this season ;)


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