Saturday, 10 August 2013

Promutico scores, Forest wins

Hello my dear readers,

Another step to season 8 trophies made by Nottingham Forest. It really seems it should become the most glorious season in my history ever.

Lots of goals scored during the latest 30 days of Nottingham Forest story. First of all, I’d like to single out Alessandro Promutico who seized on Fierro’s injury and turned into a real goal machine.



We’re at the top. Sure, two points from Arsenal is not much. But 9-point gap to both Manchester clubs make me very confident…


Nottm Forest – Man Utd

Most likely you read my blog about awesome 4:0 win over Manchester City. Now it’s time to boast about victory.


Manchester United could do nothing against my mighty attack headed by Allessandro Promutico. Though it’s fair to say they were missing Neymar and Javi Martinez. Moreover, players of the Red Devils were really tired during “Chrismas - New Year” fixture.

By the way, dear readers, does any name exist for this tight period of matches in Premier League?

Personally, I call it a “winter rush”. But I deem there should be something widely used by English football fans.

As for Manchester United, it was also nice to see they got decreased morale level and heavily failed in FA Cup failure later on:



Now some words about Nottm Forest transfers this winter.

Players out:


As I promised Ganso was sold. Frankly speaking I was surprized to get so much money for 30 years old player injury prone player. So it was a very good transfer!

Talented backup goalie Kevin Prevost asked for the first team practice. As well as Tim Witt who is also about to be sold from day to day.

Player in:



Norwich leader joined Forest! Jip Lodewijk was transfer-listed and huge number of grand clubs were hunting him. But I managed to win giving +5K to salary and increasing loyalty bonus and agent fee by 100K each.

It’s obvious this Dutch guy would strengthen any club. So on the one hand, I didn’t want to see Premier League title competitors strengthened. On the other hand, he is just amazing and can eventually replace Gylfi Sigurdsson.


Forest players


I am absolutely happy with my squad now and don’t see any serious shortcomings. The only thing bothering me is an injury list containing several best Forest players: Smalling, Hewitt, Rodrigo, Sigurdsson… This is the reason why I decided to make a player promotion from Nottm Forest Reserves.

Dimitri Payen joined joined the first teamimage

A nice backup player.

Goals of Chris Smalling against Swansea


Do you think he scored 2 headers? You are mistaken. Chris used his legs for that :)  $53M paid for Smalling during summer transfer campaign are justified! 

Unluckily, Chris Smalling is out for 3-4 weeks now…

Loss of captain

But the worst of January injuries is of course the one Sigurdsson got. We will have to play in Champions League matches without Forest captain and best assister… :(


Mitchell Hewitt returns soon


The largest prospect for me is return of Mitchell Hewitt after 9 months of tough injury. By the way, his attributes haven’t changed much despite long injury. Even being injured, Mitchell confirms he is the best centre back in the world!

Have you ever seen similar resistance to a long-termed injury in FM 2013? Because normally, player gets quite perceptible decrease in attribute values.


Some Premier League player stats


Upcoming matches


Nottm Forest is going to play with Arsenal very soon. It can be a decisive match in context of title fight.

Another interesting encounter is expected in Champions League. Club of Mario Gotze seems a force I should be careful with.

Well, that’s all I wanted to share with you today. Stay tuned and play Football Manager!

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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