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If it were not away defeats in Premier League…

Hello dear readers,

Time for another Forest story update. Suddenly I managed to get ill in summer. Nothing serious, not a long-term injury but just got cold ;) Anyway every thing in life has its pros and cons. And the main advantage for me is that I stayed at home and dedicated pretty much time for managing Nottingham Forest. It’s the middle of December in my story now, season 8. I am pretty happy with exception of three away losses to weaker clubs in PL. Let’s get deeper into the results…

Nottm Forest results


Premier League

Our Premier League performance can be characterized as “three steps forwards, one – backwards”. Forest makes 3-4 confident wins and then sudden loss happens. Interestingly, this instability is caused by different factors.


Knockout from West Brom was absolutely unexpected as well as weirdly low quantity of shots! I can’t even explain this. Tactical mistake perhaps…



Another away loss caused by numerous injuries of centre backs: Smalling, Lascelles, Batth… Therefore I had to use Stephen Kavanagh and Danny Wilson in the centre of defence. This couple failed to provide reliability and made several mistakes. I would also single out the 2nd reason why Norwich won the match. They simply became a stronger team and deserve to be placed in Premier League Top 3.



The third defeat is a classic one. Total lack of luck on the final stage. If I were a side match visitor, I would say score should be 1:5 to Nottingham Forest. However, failed goal chances by Fierro and Promutico multiplied by incredible saves from Watford goalie Asmir Begovic made the result.


So these are three flies in the ointment. But of course, I can state Forest has been performing very well during the reported period and almost leads the league.


League Cup

We’re in the semi finals and on the way to the 4th trophy in the story. It’s hard to believe any of three other competitors may hinder Nottingham Forest. However, there’s West Brom with their weird 4:0 victory mentioned above. I would love to face them in the final and revenge!


3:1 win over Man City can’t be counted to too seriously because they had too many second squad players. They just gave up while I selected top players for the match.

image  image

Champions League


This is the tournament where Nottingham Forest shows great performance and scores as many goals as possible. And it doesn’t matter whether Panathinaikos, Roma, or Real Madrid are opponents! 22 goals in 6 matches should tell much.

Surely, away game against Roma somewhat stands out. Not every day your team scores 5 goals at Stadio Olimpico. This is the reason why I chose this game to share video of all goals.



Now about Nottm Forest players. There are lot of guys who call my proudness:

  • Carlos Fierro with his 13 goals
  • Gem $53M purchase Chris Smalling as the best and most reliable defender with 4 MoMs.
  • Wonderkid center back Stephen Kavanagh who scored a lot of headers.
  • Brilliant new pair centre midfielders: Alexey Solodukhin and Mo Cairns.

But this time, the best of all is Gylfi Sigurdsson as for me.

Good old Gylfi Sigurdsson


5 goals and 10 assists in 14(5) games should explain why I am singling out Sigurdsson. He accepted a captain band which I took away from Jamaal Lascelles and led the team! Gylfi is still the best during any type of set pieces and ready for keen passes.

I will sell Ganso

My decision. It’s enough for me. Look at the picture below, it’s just ridiculous!


Ganso has just recovered from injury and got injured again. How the hell it happened! I can tell you how. Ganso is a very, very injury prone player. Check out his past injuries:


Frankly speaking I haven’t been noticing that much earlier, before until the last injuries. Now I understand why he didn’t manage to become one of the best Forest players…

In addition to the sale decision, I’ve started to participate in struggle for buying Norwich leading centre midfielder who wants to move to a bigger club and got transfer listed. PSG, Dortmund, Man City are among competitors. More details in the next post.

Future fixtures


Wow! 6 home games in a row! Of course, the matches against Manchester clubs will be hugely important in context of title competition. Nottm Forest has another chance to start leading in the Premier League.

As for Champions League, I am not happy with the draw. Dortmund with Mario Gotze is a strong team. But if I intend to win the trophy, I should not pay much attention to opponents’ strength.


That’s all for now. Stay tuned.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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